MOTHER™ Adopts Bike for a Burrito Program

MOTHER™ adopts a bike to work program that it hopes will see its employees biking more, and driving less.

MOTHERâ„¢, maker of innovative hunting packs based on technical approach packs, has adopted a bike to work program that it hopes will see its employees biking more, and driving less.

Under the program, employees who bike to work all five days of the work week earn a certificate for one Super Burrito at Taco Del Mar, a Washington State based mission style burrito establishment. Based on the number of days an employee bikes to work during each six month period, they can also earn company paid days off.

Lynn Beck, MOTHER's™ Queen of Administrative Services, noted that, “I can finally get in shape for hunting season and get compensated for it - this place rocks. Where else can you get paid to stay fit, clean shotguns and pheasants in the warehouse and bring your dogs to work after a morning of upland hunting.”

Marty Grabijas, MOTHER's™ president and founder added that, “Staying fit and immersion in outdoor sports is our culture, and we wouldn't have it any other way. While some visitors get wigged out about the bird cleaning thing, it actually serves double duty as a customer outreach program. Key identifying feathers are saved and packed into every Pro and consumer direct order, and many retail orders, that leave here. It shows that we are passionate about what we do and that we are not posers who sit behind computers all day pretending to be outdoorspeople.”

MOTHER's™ founder, Marty Grabijas, discovered over 30 years ago that hunting vests are pretty much useless for their intended purpose. As early as the 1960's folks like Dick Kelty and Wayne Gregory had figured out how to carry a load in the field, yet hunters have suffered through the same tired stuff / different year. MOTHER™ – as in Necessity is the MOTHER™ of Invention – was born out of personal frustration and now provides performance-based equipment to hunters who seek the ultimate in technical functionality coupled with Mother's™ distinct design.


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