Milestone: The North Face Sales Force Completes 100,000 Online Courses

Retail salespeople selling The North Face brand spend more than 14,000 hours training online with to become product experts.
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SALT LAKE CITY, UT–(February 5, 2008) – Retail salespeople selling The North Face merchandise took more than 100,000 online courses at over the last year, one of several training milestones reached by the California-based outdoor specialty retailer.

The North Face has partnered with for its training needs since 2006. builds customized, testable training aimed at retail salespeople, who must pass fun, educational “Edu-Games” to earn discounts on products they sell.

Over the last year:
• Retail salespeople selling The North Face products racked up more than 14,000 hours of training on
• Those salespeople spent an average of eight minutes on each online training course

“These milestones show that retail employees are fully engaged with's online training method,” said Sarah Gallagher, online manager for The North Face. “As a result, the frontline sales force is better-equipped to meet customer needs,” she added.

“Our goal was to integrate online training into our overall sales training plan,” Gallagher said. “ has been a great complement to our sales rep team on the ground.”

“The North Face numbers reflect the flexibility of's Web-based training method,” said Duncan Robins, the Salt Lake City company's CEO.

“ training is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week,” Robins said. “It's there at work, and it's there when employees are at home.”

“Fast, entertaining, accessible and up-to-date Web training represents the future of sales in the fast-paced retail world,” Robins added. “The North Face user numbers put at the forefront of that effort.”