Mid Atlantic icon HTO, Ltd to Open Outlet Store

HTO, Ltd, the Mid Atlantics premier Specilaity Active Outdoor Retailer to open Outlet Store on 4/6/08

February 11th, 2008, Gaithersburg, Maryland – Industry legend Hudson Trail Outfitters, Ltd has announced that it will be opening an Outlet Store.

The 37 year old Mid Atlantic giant is opening an Outlet Store in Gaithersburg Maryland. Company Vice President of Operations, Sandy Cohan, says, “This really is a decision that comes easy to HTO – we are in the day and age where ‘Outdoor Retailing' has a new meaning. ‘Outdoor' is sleeker and faster than it once was. Turn rates are more important; having fresher, newer, more current selections of clothing and gear are all critical when trying to grow your business. HTO remains iconic today because of decisions like this…responses to the business, not reactions”.

The HTO, Ltd Outlet Store will feature the absolute best brands, at the absolute best, most competitive prices. Cohan continues, “ HTO is committed to bringing the customer quality. It's all about authentic quality. You can't fake it…our customers, and certainly our employees, just wouldn't stand for it. HTO does not believe in bringing the customer lower tier brands, or even those house branded products that are often times built cheaper and designed to perform less, to the market”.

The HTO, Ltd Outlet Store will be 10,000 sq ft, and it will have a fully functioning, service-oriented bicycle shop. The store will feature Specialty Active Outdoor products/brands that the consumer knows and wants. When asked why now, Cohan responded, “we are growing – the only way to show the customer all that there is to see is to have the space to merchandise as much new, current season product as you can. As proud as we are to open an Outlet Store, and as confident as we are that this location will be an Outdoor enthusiasts dream, HTO is just flat out excited by the fact that our existing 8 locations will now be loaded to the roof with current season, fresh, new, products from our vendors. Everybody has carryover – we are confident that we have designed a business model that now enables our buyers to get out of last year faster, and to focus more of their time on new business at better margins.”

Specialty Active Outdoor retailing is alive and well in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The HTO, Ltd Outlet Store will open April 6th, 2008, just 10 days after this retail legend has its 25th consecutive, epically huge, Warehouse Clearance Sale, an event so big that people actually camp out over night to get their place in line. For more information, go to www.hudsontrail.com .


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