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Mammut Slackline: New Webbing Enhances Balance and Fun

This is the world’s first webbing designed especially for slacklining – and it’s a product of Mammut’s webbing experts.

You need a good sense of balance and intense concentration to be able to slackline.

The webbing itself needs to be comfortable to walk on, have the right elasticity, be easy to tension and extremely safe. Specialist ropemaker Mammut has launched a special slackline webbing set that fulfills all these conditions.

This is the world's first webbing designed especially for slacklining – and it's a product of
Mammut's webbing experts. This innovative webbing boasts a sheath-core construction featuring enhanced abrasion resistance and two types of surface: A smooth side for tricklining and a rough side for excellent grip. The webbing's core provides superb elasticity and immense strength. The intuitive tensioning system uses a strong ratchet mechanism for straightforward setting up and tensioning. The intelligent safety system is based on Mammut's proven Slide Bloc buckle for removal of the ratchet. An integrated clamp provides stepless adjustment of the length and protects the webbing. And as a welcome extra, the
slackline comes in a practical shoulder bag sporting a slackline motif.

Product details:
- Length: 20 m
- Width: 28 mm
- Webbing clamp
- Ratchet (20 kN)
- Steel karabiner
- Special fixing system
- Tensioning and fixing straps
- Contemporary slackline shoulder bag


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