Malcolm Daly and Jeff Lowe Team up for "Dizzy with the Vision" at OR

Join the Metanoia Team in The Adventure Theatre on Saturday, January 22nd at 5:00pm to meet Jeff Lowe in person and see Jeff and Malcolm Daly’s “Dizzy with the Vision.”

Jeff Lowe is cruising the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in his electric wheelchair, seeking sponsorships for his autobiographical documentary, Jeff Lowe's Metanoia. Known for his amazing attitude as a climber, Jeff's creative juices are flowing once again as he and his small team embark on the incredible journey to of storytelling at it's finest.

Narrated by Jon Krakauer and directed by Academy Award nominee Greg Lowe, Metanoia uses the Eiger as a backdrop to tell the story of the life and climbs of this visionary alpinist.

Join us in The Adventure Theatre on Saturday, January 22nd at 5:00pm to meet Jeff in person and see Jeff and Malcolm Daly’s “Dizzy with the Vision.”  These 2 men have worked and climbed together for decades. Malcolm Daly is the founder of Trango Climbing Equipment as well as the Executive Director of Paradox Sports-- an organization whose aim is to “provide inspiration, opportunities, and adaptive equipment to the disabled community, empowering their pursuit of a life of excellence through human-powered outdoor sports.”Jeff is both a volunteer and an athlete for Paradox Sports and has recently joined Team Paradox.

In "Dizzy with the Vision,” Malcolm Daly explores career highlights of legendary alpinist and visionary, Jeff Lowe and his unique contributions to climbing and the outdoor industry from the 1950's to the present. It is a fascinating timeline of innovation, vision and acheivement. You will want to see this!

Described by Malcolm as a “pathological optimist,” Jeff’s visions were unprecedented. His climbing, special events, clothing and equipment designs and innovations often anticipated and influenced trends in the climbing world.

Throughout OR we will be presenting the trailer for Metanoia in both The Climbing Zone  and The Adventure Theatre. Stop by the Jeff Lowe Movie website Events Page to see a full listing of all scheduled events.

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Photo Credit: Ian Tomlinson, Dizzy with the Vision