Lorpen’s Growth Encourages Company Changes Internally And Bey

Lorpen (www.lorpen.com), a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance socks for outdoor and sport enthusiasts, is taking action to meet the needs of their continued growth on a global scale.

Toronto, Canada (October 24, 2011) – Lorpen (www.lorpen.com), a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance socks for outdoor and sport enthusiasts, is taking action to meet the needs of their continued growth on a global scale. In 2010/2011 fiscal year, Lorpen sales has increased just over 15 % globally and 19% in North America alone. Due to increased business successes, Lorpen has recently made significant infrastructure and production changes as well as internal employee promotions for Bruce Barrows, Colin Sanders, David Uria and Matt Swanson to continue to meet the needs of their customers globally.

We couldn't be more proud to announce the recent promotions and expansion at Lorpen North America. The success of our business speaks to the excellent quality of products and service we provide to our customers worldwide,” says Imanol Munoz, Sales and Marketing Manager for Lorpen. “As a company that is involved in the sock business on a global basis we are so proud of our heritage, our growth and employees as we currently sell our socks in 61 countries around the world.”

With new business growth, Lorpen has increased factory space to meet the increased manufacturing and warehousing requirements to include 7,500 square feet at the Mexican facility. Continued development includes a 17% expansion of capacity for the Mexico and Spanish factories with new technology knitting machines.

To meet the competitive nature of the sock business, Colin Sanders will now be the Director of Global Business Development. In this role Colin will work on new product development, new growth segments to evaluate, and working with key suppliers on a worldwide basis to find innovative ways to bring performance products to market. Colin's deep understanding of Lorpen manufacturing based on his 12 years of involvement with the company and how Tri Layer products can impact the user's performance was instrumental in the move. In addition Colin will continue to lead the North American group. According to Colin; “We are investing at the manufacturing level with new space, machines and technology as well as personnel to ensure that we will be well positioned to meet the demands of not only the North American retailer buy or business on a worldwide basis for the future.”

David Uria has been hired as Industrial Director of Lorpen. Based in Spain, David will be very focused on expanding the production facilities in Mexico. He will be an essential part in purchase management, sourcing options, yarn acquisition and continuing to improve productivity. David has a very deep knowledge in executive administration, improving proactive communication within the sales force and forecasting. “The high quality of our product at Lorpen is what sets us apart from our competitors,” noted David. “With attention to detail and team of talented professionals, I am excited about the new role and the future of Lorpen.”

Bruce Barrows has been promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing for North America. At a time when Lorpen is seeing strong growth in the market it made sense to have one person working to unify the sales and marketing message to both the trade and continue to build a strong consumer message. Bruce has worked hard with the sales group since he has joined Lorpen to focus on product differences with Tri Layer and improve the communication and service to our dealers. At all levels of the company in these challenging economic times it is more important than ever that Lorpen focuses on exceeding the dealers needs and expectations Barrows noted. “We are a small company with exceptional resources internal and external that can make a difference for retailers today. With our multiple warehouses and strong delivery systems we can be a very dependable and profitable sock vendor.”

Matt Swanson, will be promoted to North American Operational Sales Manager, in this role Matt will take his seven years of experience at Lorpen and work with the operations, customer service and sales staff to facilitate improvements and efficiency for Lorpen retailers. “In a category such as socks, product differences can be a key driver of the business, but equally as important so can the ease and dependability of a supplier. Our goal is to make Lorpen the easiest, most dependable sock supplier to work with in North American,” noted Matt. Lorpen has expanded both customer service and the operations group to be able to have what the retailer needs and manage those needs well and efficiently.

About Lorpen
Founded in 1985, Lorpen is based in Etxalar, Spain, located at the base of the Pyrenees and has been selling performance socks in the U.S. since 2004 and Canada since 2001. At Lorpen, technology and performance are the top priority in every sock they manufacture, and as such, the company is a top choice among athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, including well-known mountain climbers around the globe. Lorpen socks are now available in 61 different countries around the world, including a variety of independent and major retailers across the U.S. and Canada. For more information, go to www.lorpen.com.

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