LOHAS 11 Forum Features Responsible Innovation Comes to Everyday Life

NatureWorks LLC, manufacturer of NatureWorks(R) bio-polymer made from a 100-percent annual renewable resource-not oil, hosted a lively LOHAS panel discussion -- Responsible Innovation Comes To Everyday Life -- as part of the third edition of the Ingeo(TM) NatureWorks(R) Earth Month program at the LOHAS 11 Forum (Lifestyles Of Health and Sustainability) in the Marriott Marina del Rey on May 15, 2007.

MARINA DEL REY, Calif.-- NatureWorks LLC, manufacturer of NatureWorks(R) bio-polymer made from a 100-percent annual renewable resource-not oil, hosted a lively panel discussion -- Responsible Innovation Comes To Everyday Life -- as part of the third edition of the Ingeo(TM) NatureWorks(R) Earth Month program at the LOHAS 11 Forum (Lifestyles Of Health and Sustainability) in the Marriott Marina del Rey on May 15, 2007.

The special LOHAS panel discussion was one of several global events of the Ingeo NatureWorks Earth Month program. NatureWorks LLC initiated this unique program in 2005 to communicate its mission and message regarding 'responsible innovation in everyday life,' and at the same time respond to and reflect the change in consumer's needs and tastes for better products and more balance between lifestyle and the environment. The program started on April 22, Earth Day, and runs through June 5, World Environmental Day.

Through this planned sequence of global events and initiatives, the story and message from each of NatureWorks' participating partners collectively raises awareness for their real product alternatives that are innovative, functional, responsible as well as beautiful and appropriate.

As part of the panel of presenters, the Ingeo NatureWorks Earth Month discussion featured key partners who demonstrate real-life applications and successful integration of Ingeo(TM) fiber and/or NatureWorks(R) polymer into their commercial brand offer. The presenters included Mr. Hiroyuki Mori, senior eco-material engineer, Sony Corp., Japan; Paul Comey, vice president of environmental affairs for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters; Merlin Yockstick, chairman and CEO of Blue Planet Water, and Jenni Dow, business consultant, Fox River Mills Inc., to tell first-hand their own applications of NatureWorks(R) polymer and Ingeo(TM) fiber and their uses and benefits in each of their respective industries.

Opening the discussion to a packed audience of LOHAS consumers, Snehal Desai, Global Commercial Director for NatureWorks LLC, explained "For us, this is a journey about trying to bring responsible innovation to life. Our work at NatureWorks is not only making this innovative material available but also to work with partners down stream, to help educate their consumers and even their supply chains on how to utilize this new technology -- and really change the way they bring products to the market."

Mori of the Sony Corporation's Material Laboratories explained Sony's commitment to environmental responsibility and the work that has put Sony at the forefront in research and development with sustainable innovation and technology with casings and packaging for their electronic products. Sony has been working with NatureWorks(R) polymer since 2000 and has created various applications for their products in the durable goods market. According to Mori, Sony's main reasons for using NatureWorks(R) polymer in its applications is for the environmental properties, which reduce dependency on oil-based resources and greenhouse gas emissions. In some cases Sony has also improved the properties of NatureWorks(R) polymer compound which allows applications that include blister packaging, product casings in Sony Tape Walkman(R), and parts of DVD Players, AIBO robot and accessories, mobile phones, and Contactless IC cards. For more information, visit www.sony.net/SonyInfo/Environment.

After 12 years of developing bio-enhanced water for a number of private label products, including Wild Oats Community Markets, Blue Planet announced during the panel the global launch of it's own bio-enhanced water and Blue Planet's commitment to use a new generation and class of functional nature- based packaging.

"The bio-enhancement and nature-based packaging is a great marriage. One of our visions is that people will look at the packaging and not only read the label to find out what the contents of the product are, but actually look at the packaging to determine the quality of the packaging that the product is in," explained Merlin Yockstick, chairman and CEO of Blue Planet Water.

Merlin Yockstick is considered the inventor of the enhanced and "functional" bottled water category, and is a highly regarded scientist in the field of Advanced Water Technology. This includes the enhancement of drinking water for health and hydration, and water treatment technologies that can be utilized in cleaning up our planet's water resources. For more information, visit www.blueplanetwater.com.

According to Paul Comey, vice president, environmental affairs at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, each year, consumers use 15 billion disposable paper cups for their hot coffee - enough to wrap the earth 55 times if placed end- to-end. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters partnered with NatureWorks LLC and International Paper to bring to market the first all-natural paper hot beverage cup. By converting to the new cup, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters consumes nearly a quarter of a million pounds less of non-renewable petrochemical materials every year.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is recognized as a leader in the specialty coffee industry for its award-winning coffees and socially responsible business practices. The company roasts high-quality Arabica coffees and offers over 100 coffee selections including single-origin, estate, certified organic, Fair Trade, signature blends, and flavoured coffees under the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters(R) and Newman's Own(R) Organics brands. For more information, visit www.greenmountaincoffee.com and www.ecocupinfo.com.

In the final panel presentation, Jenni Dow, business consultant for Fox River Mills Inc, stated that "Green is the new black. Eco-fashion is not sustainable unless it actually works and people actually want to wear it, so you need the functionality, you need the fit and you need the fashion. And we hope that wearing the right thing leads to doing the right thing." Dow is part of the Fox River creative design team and a long-time business consultant to the company, and together with the Fox River R&D team and Alison Gannett, an environmentalist and World Champion Extreme skier, developed the first Fox River socks made of Ingeo(TM) fiber and the first company to use Ingeo(TM) to create a sport-specific sock. Responsible innovation is the mantra of high- performance sock maker Fox River. Fox River has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality, sports-specific and casual hosiery and handwear for more than 100 years.

Fox River's Good Earth collection is made in styles to fit men and women and features new colors and designs that utilizes the company's proprietary organic shrink process. Their bio-fiber socks are made from Ingeo(TM) fiber derived from plants, a 100-percent annually renewable resource. Fox River is also a member of One Percent for the Planet, donating 1 percent of sales on its Good Earth collection to organizations dedicated to protecting the environment. Fox River continues to lead the sport-specific sock industry in technical and environmental advancements. For more information, visit www.foxsox.com.

The LOHAS event included a creative gallery of Ingeo(TM) NatureWorks(R) Earth Month partners that demonstrated the breadth and depth of the commercial offerings -- ranging from apparel to home furnishing to personal care products and durable consumer goods. These included a Brooklyn Industries' t-shirt, Cargo Cosmetics lipstick, Del Monte Fresh Cuts food containers, a Faribault Mills blanket, Linda Loudermilk eco-luxury dresses and the housing for Fujitsu's new generation of PCs. New to the program for 2007 are plastics applications and eco-packaging solutions. All these products are made from NatureWorks(R) polymer exclusively manufactured by NatureWorks LLC.

Ingeo(TM) NatureWorks(R) Earth Month is a global initiative designed to highlight how easily consumers can buy everyday products made from 100-percent renewable resources, -- products that are authentic, stylish, and high quality.

About NatureWorks LLC
NatureWorks LLC is a stand-alone company wholly owned by Cargill. Dedicated to meeting the world's needs today without compromising the earth's ability to meet the needs of tomorrow, NatureWorks LLC is the first company to offer a family of commercially available low carbon footprint polymers derived from 100-percent annually renewable resources with cost and performance that compete with petroleum-based packaging materials and fibers. The company applies its unique technology to the processing of natural plant sugars to create a proprietary polylactide polymer, which is marketed under the NatureWorks(R) polymer and Ingeo(TM) fibers brand names.

NatureWorks, Ingeo and the EcoPLA logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of NatureWorks LLC in the USA and other countries. Walkman(R) is the registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

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