Light & Motion on Tour with Fully Customized Mercedes Sprinter Van

Light & Motion introduces their new, fully customized Mercedes Sprinter Van - complete with charging station and light rental systems.

Monterey, CA - February 22, 2012 - We decided to literally put our lights in motion.  Check out our brand new, fully customized Mercedes Sprinter Van - complete with charging station and light rental systems.

We've been working around the clock at our factory here in Monterey, CA to offer the bike world the best recreational lighting systems and now we're on the road bringing lights to your favorite riding spots - across North America.   With this goal in mind, we tricked out a Sprinter Van and put the fearless Tori Broughton at the helm, and with a classic champagne send off - she brought the van to debut at Kona's 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.

Tori recently spent some time on Trek's Fit For Women Tour as they traveled across the country for women's skills clinics, bike fits and test rides.  Not only does she bring with her some superb skills behind the wheel, she can also handle a bike.  

Light and Motion's demo van was a hit at 24 hrs in the Old Pueblo with a charging station for lights, rental lights for riders looking to get faster night laps, and promotional rates on new lighting systems.  L&M sponsored athletes demonstrated the advantages of having bright lights with top podium finishes in many different categories.

Our work didn't end there; the van will continue on its grand tour, zipping across the country with a rockstar schedule of 220+ days of countless events & bike shops.   If you want us to sponsor a night ride in your area, get in touch Tori Broughton.

A Few Upcoming Van Appearances:
• Southeast Bike Expo
• Spring Break Fat Tire Festival
• Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival
• Sea Otter Classic
• 24 hrs of E-Rock

About Light and Motion:
We are enthusiasts who tread lightly by designing and building our products locally in Monterey California.  We have been recognized for our pioneering business practices and a smart footprint including the 2011 “Cool California Award” for greenhouse gas reductions, the 2008 “California Small Business of the Year” award, and W.R.A.P. award for reducing our waste stream 5 years in a row.  We are hands on through all phases of the product cycle and stand by our performance claims and back them up by publishing our test data at