Lifeventure on Adventure Ecology Polar Expedition

After the successful traverse of the Antarctic last year, Lifeventure have been asked back to provide equipment for David de Rothschild's 2006 Adventure Ecology Arctic Expedition.

Lifeventure have been asked by polar adventurers David de Rothschild and Martin Hartley to provide equipment for their “ADVENTURE ECOLOGY” North Pole Expedition. This is the first of a series of groundbreaking expeditions aiming to raise public awareness of the most fragile ecosystems on the planet. Lifeventure have created a range of duffle bags, rucksacks, stuff sacks and vacuum flasks for the crossing of the Arctic Ice sheet from Cape Arctichesky (Russia) to Cape Columbia/Ellesmere Island (Canada) via the North Pole.

Led by adventurer David de Rothschild, the team includes award-winning travel photographer and adventurer Martin Hartley, the hugely experienced polar explorer Paul Landry and his daughter Sarah McNair Landry - the youngest person to ski unsupported to the South Pole in 2004. The Adventure Ecology team departed in early March from Cape Arctichesky, Russia. Their route takes them 1,240 miles by cross-country skis and with dog teams pulling pulks, fiberglass sleds, with over 2 tonnes of equipment, food and fuel. It will be hugely challenging, since due to global warming the ice is thinner, and the leads are more dangerous.

Working with experts such as Paul Landry and Martin Hartley, the Lifeventure design team has had the unusual opportunity to create a series of products specifically for the extreme Arctic environment. Fabrics must be light, exceptionally tough, and must be able to withstand months in –30oC to –40oC conditions. Zips, buckles, clips and soft fabrics are all susceptible to breakage and damage in extreme environments, so everything has to be made from special materials and plastics.

We have provided the team with a full range of indestructible, lightweight kit bags for storing equipment, food and dog food, as well as bespoke rucksacks and hip packs designed to keep camera equipment dry and warm in the harsh –40oC conditions.

All reports from the team are that the equipment is performing well. Watch this space for a full range of Lifeventure Expedition equipment in the not too distant future!

Where: Cape Arctichesky (Russia) to Cape Columbia/Ellesmere Island (Canada) via the North Pole

Distance: 1,240 Miles /1,800 Km

When: March 1st 2006 – June 2006

How: Skiing, Walking, Swimming, Dog Sledding, and Kiting

Team Size: 4

Average Temperatures: - 32°C / -25.6°F

Claims: World Records:

·Sarah McNair-Landry: On completion Sarah will become the first woman to complete a crossing of the Arctic Ocean from point of land at Cape Actechesky, Russia to point of land at Ellesmere Island, Canada
·David de Rothschild and Martin Hartley: The first and only British team to cross the Arctic did so in 1969 from Alaska to Spitzbergen, led by Wally Herbert. David and Martin will be the second British team to complete a traverse across the Arctic Ocean and the first to do so from Russia to Canada.
·Paul Landry: On reaching the North Pole, Paul will add a fourth successful North Pole expedition to his existing world record of seven successful North and South Pole expeditions.