Ledlenser Signs on as Title Sponsor for Trails In Motion Film Festival


Portland, ORLedlenser, maker of German-designed and -engineered ultra-bright line of handheld, headlamp and rechargeable lights, has announced its two-year title sponsorship of The Trails In Motion Film Festival. Known for its superior quality lighting products to extend adventures into the hours of darkness, Ledlenser has partnered with the festival for its 2017 and 2018 world tours.

Ledlenser's Associate Brand Manager, Shannon Jidas said, “The partnership with the Trails In Motion Film Festival enables us to reach a core community of trail runners and show them that their day does not have to begin after sunrise and end with sunset. Ledlenser not only offers high-quality, ultra-bright headlamp, but it gives trail runners more time to do what they love the most: run.”

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“We're extremely thrilled and indeed honored to have Ledlenser partner with the Trails In Motion Film Festival world tour,” said Festival Director James Hallett. “Through Ledlenser's investment in the world tour, we will make the Trails In Motion Film Festival a more credible, yet accessible, platform for aspiring and professional film makers.”

The 5th annual Ledlenser Trails In Motion Film Festival will officially launch December 1, 2016 and will begin touring from January 2017. For more information, or how to become a host of the world tour, please visit www.trailsinmotion.com.

He continued, “With Ledlenser’s support, we will create an epic community experience and a foundation from which the trail and ultra running film genre can continue to grow and mature.”

About Ledlenser
Ledlenser, a Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. company, produces lights and headlamps for everything from camping, diving, running, hunting and fishing to industrial trades, DIY and law enforcement. Sizes range from keychain to 1500+ lumen heavy-duty defense lamps. MSRP ranges from $15 to $700. All lights are backed by a five-year warranty. For more information about Ledlenser visit www.ledlenser.com or facebook.com/ledlenserusa.