La Sportiva Appoints Ian Achey as Promotions Coordinator

La Sportiva N.A. appointed Ian Achey as their new Promotions Coordinator.

La Sportiva N.A., makers of technical climbing, mountaineering, Mountain Running® and hiking footwear, appointed Ian Achey as their new Promotions Coordinator. Achey’s new position at La Sportiva will include event coordination responsibilities as well as assisting in all aspects of managing the climbing and Mountain Running® ambassador programs.

“We are very pleased to have Ian join the La Sportiva marketing team,” says Laura Fryer, La Sportiva’s Marketing Manager.“His demonstrated work ethic, knowledge of our brand and passion for our sports made him the perfect fit for this position right from the start.”

As the new Promotions Coordinator, Achey will be in constant communication with all La Sportiva affiliates. Additional responsibilities will include developing promotional programs to increase brand awareness, generating content for La Sportiva’s various marketing outlets (, Sportiva LIVE, La Sportiva Mountain Running Blog, etc.) and serving as a liaison between the sales and marketing departments to ensure that all aspects of La Sportiva promotions are properly executed.

Achey graduated with a BA in Philosophy from the University of Colorado in 2008. Outside of working at La Sportiva, he is an avid climber, very familiar with the events/athletes in the overall outdoor space.La Sportiva’s, Laura Fryer, added, “Ian will provide us with excellent on-the-ground presence as well as being a great influencer integrating La Sportiva athletes with our sponsored events.”