KOR Brings Sleek Style to your Water With New Vida®

Strong believers that well-made, beautifully designed products are inherently more sustainable, KOR Water proudly delivers the new Vida®.

Designed for those who care passionately about their health and the health of their planet, the Vida helps transform the ritual of drinking water into a daily moment of affordable luxury. The Vida is produced in rugged, food-grade stainless steel that delivers enhanced aesthetics and ergonomics.

“The world didn't need just another steel water bottle. KOR felt strongly that we could innovate in design and function on whats currently in the market, and I think we've succeded,” said KOR Water CEO, J. Eric Barnes. “KOR believes that design has the power to inspire and motivate people to live healthier and to make positive changes that have a real effect on the health of our planet. The Vida only reinforces that belief.“

Named after Lake Vida, an extraordinary frozen ecosystem in Antarctica, Vida is KOR's latest tribute to the preciousness of water and its importance to life, and part of their continuing mission to protect and celebrate water. Easy to clean and a joy to hold, the user-friendly design introduces a superior ‘mouth feel' with KOR's thread-less Perfect Pour Spout™ in polypropylene, improved accessibility via greater affordability, and an aesthetic appreciated by all.

The Vida, like all KOR Water products, is part of KOR's highly praised Thirst for Givingâ„¢ program, which donates 1% of sales to water related charities and raises awareness for ocean protection, container recycling, watershed protection, and the global water crisis.

KOR is all about inspiring change, and Vida is our next step in changing perceptions as we continue to advocate for water in a world that too often takes it for granted.

Vida is available in two sizes, 750mL ($24.95) and 500mL ($21.95) and three colors (black, white and natural), each with a striking cap accent.

Contact Katie Holmes, Denny Ink for more information katieholmes@me.com 307.200.6001

About KOR Water:
KOR Water celebrates and treasures water - in our personal lives and the world - by creating the world's most stylish, functional personal hydration products. KOR Water believes passionately in the importance of clean water – to human health and to the health of our planet, as well as the power of design to inspire and motivate meaningful behavior change. What started as the simple goal to perfect the reusable bottle has blossomed into a company leading the explosive market of “sustainable hydration”, inclusive of reusable bottles, accessories and water enhancements. Through its Thirst for Giving Program, KOR seeks to engage consumers on critical water-related issues of container recycling, ocean and watershed protection, and the global water crisis. For additional information please visit www.korwater.com.



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