KLIИT picks up John Spriggs


John Spriggs is jumping onto KLIИT skis this winter. "So stoked to be a part of KLIИT! They are new and fresh and that is exactly what this industry needs right now, a different perspective!" John said, "Its gonna be sick to see how people react."

John is featured this fall in Retallack The Movie developed by Inspired Media Concepts and Tanner Hall. The feature film was shot entirely at Retallack in British Columbia, Canada with the cat ski operation. He also appears in another film to be released this fall, On Top Of The Hood, shot entirely at Mt. Hood this summer. Additionally, John is well known for his web based films that he produces and showcases exclusively on his website www.johnspriggs.com.

John's passion for skiing speaks for itself. "...skiing is a zone where you dont' have any other focuses or problems in the world, you are just in the moment and the moment is good!

The KLIИT team includes Tanner Rainville, Liam Downey, John Spriggs, Brian Kish, Will Hibbs and Tyler Duncan.

You in?

Visit www.klintsnow.com


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