Klättermusen gets awarded for outstanding design

EINRIDE –jacket and LIV-downsweater Both awarded with the OUTDOOR INDUSTRY AWARD 2006

The prime goal for Klättermusen is function and with over 20 years of outdoor design experience Klättermusen have now taken developments to the next level.
Thor the God of thunder often travelled alone under the alias Einride.
The name means “The sole traveller”.
The combination of the extremely dense organic cotton fabric and modern design features signifies the beginning of a new post-laminate era in outdoor design.
With over 20 years of outdoor design experience we have now taken developments to the next level. 100% Etaproof Organic Cotton provides perfect ventilation and keeps you dry from the outside up to 3-4 hours . It is guaranteed not totally windproof and suitable for all seasons. Whistle and compass comes with all our jackets. Klättermusen products are also available for men.

LIV means Life in the Nordic mythology
Our vision with the LIV project was to create an extremely lightweight insulation garment that is so light and compact that it will always be there when you need it. It´s a fantastic amount of warmth and safety hidden in a very small package.
Liv packs together in its own inner pocket and weighs only 290 grams.
It has a box wall construction which means no cold spots. This is a great replacement for bulky fleece under shell garments. LIV is warmer, lighter and takes less space in your pack. Don´t leave home without it !
95/5 downquality, Fillpower 800+