KJUS Releases its 2007/08 Movie Online Today at KJUS.com

KJUS released its 2007/08 film, which features footage from its Lofoten expedition, today on its website, KJUS.com

The Norwegian archipelago Lofoten provides the most spectacular setting in the Northern hemisphere to capture man and nature in perfect harmony and skiing at its best. KJUS Systems Skiwear sent members of its team riders, including Lasse Kjus and Norwegian freeskier Fredrik Luykis, and a team of photographers and film makers to document the majesty of the location and some amazing skiing. KJUS released its 2007/08 film, which features footage from the expedition, today on its website, KJUS.com.

“Our goal was to show the viewer the unique landscape of the Lofoten Islands, to demonstrate how the amazing landscape and the natural element snow connect to passion and freedom,” says Marketing Manager Pirmin Oklé from KJUS.

Oklé underlines that this goal has been reached beautifully, together by the riders and the award-winning Norwegian and Suisse photographers Sindre Kinnerød and Thomas Ulrich and filmers Petter Nyquist and Joachim Høge.

Along with the film, KJUS has developed KJUS World Magazine that features images from the epic trip. This large format cata-zine in size Din A3, captures the imagination and joie de vivre by kidnapping the reader to the total isolation of the Norwegian mountains. Scheduled to be an annual magazine, KJUS World also presents stories that weave the passion of skiing with the spirit of KJUS, including a story on KJUS's newest team member Bode Miller and detailed information on this year's collection and the technology and design concepts behind it. KJUS World Magazine is available at KJUS dealers worldwide.

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