Kim Overton uses the Success of the SPIbelt™ to Launch SPIwear™

Kim Overton; creator of the original SPIbelt™ announces the launch of their new corporate identity as SPIwear™ a collection of sleek alternatives for holding small personal items (SPI) while a body’s in motion; through exercise or travel. or
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Austin, Texas -- Kim Overton; creator of the original SPIbeltâ„¢ announces the launch of their new corporate identity as SPIwearâ„¢ a collection of sleek alternatives for holding small personal items (SPI) while a body's in motion; through exercise or travel. or

“After introducing our original SPIbelt to the market in early 2007 and experiencing such an overwhelming positive response from both retailers and the end-consumer we knew our design was filling a need for the person with an active lifestyle,” says Overton. “People want and need to carry a few small personal items with them at all times and our SPIbelt gives a sleek and stable alternative to overstuffed pockets or the bulky, and not very stylish, fanny pack.”

After a spotlight on CNBC's “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” and a few mentions through trade/specialty publications such as; Outdoor Retailer Daily, Triathlete and Walk Magazine, the coveted consumer media took notice. Soon key placements in American Way Magazine, Washington Post Express and Gear Patrol segued into national exposure with the SPIbelt making an appearance on CBS's daytime hit; “The Rachael Ray Show.” After Lara Spencer; a celebrity and entertainment reporter “dished to Rachael” about the unique SPIbelt, close to 17,000 viewers logged onto the show's website to win one of the SPIbelts.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Kim started designing again and registered; SPIwearâ„¢ Inc. the umbrella for the company's identity and product collection. Always open to customer feedback, the new SPIbandâ„¢ was next for development and created for those who prefer to run or walk using an arm band. The SPIband offers an adjustable band with the same stretchy, zippered pouch to hold those small personal items and maintains the same no-bounce guarantee as the original SPIbelt.

Always looking for ways to give back; Kim donates $1 from each sale of the black pouch with the orange zipper to as these colors represent the organization. A smaller version of the SPIbelt in now available in a multitude of colors for kids and has become very popular as a “pump pouch” for children with diabetes and needing insulin.

What Overton believes will be the superstar of the collection is a new design with safety in mind called the Reflective SPIbelt. “The new belt has a 100% reflective pocket with reflective strips down the entire length of the band. The pouch looks grey in the day and glows bright when light hits it at night,” Kim explains. “Already we're overwhelmed by the positive response and opening orders have been through the roof!”

Kim shares other positive developments through the new product initiatives, “In researching materials for these new designs we've already made upgrades to the original SPIbelt and will introduce them at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. We've moved to a higher grade, more comfortable elastic and our logo is imprinted directly onto each belt.”

With additional SPIwear editorial spotlights slated to appear later this year in such consumer media as; Shape, Diet & Nutrition, Exercise For Men Only and Women's Health Magazine, readers everywhere will soon be in search of retailers carrying the SPIwearâ„¢ Collection.

About Overton Enterprises, LLC:

Kim Overton founded her company in 2006 with the release of the “Love Your Legs” DVD, based on her highly-popular “Love Your Legs” class she developed and taught in New York City. Kim covered not only exercises for the legs, but proper nutrition, circulation and skin care to truly fight the battle of cellulite. By providing a well-rounded approach for banishing dimply skin; Kim quickly gained a tremendous fan base which stretched well beyond NYC to France and into Australia.

Soon after the release of the DVD, Kim invented the SPIbelt™ through her personal struggles with her daily run and not having anywhere to put her keys. Kim knew; “There has got to be a better way!”

Kim Overton of Austin-based SPIwearâ„¢ Inc. is the creator of the SPIbeltâ„¢, SPIbandâ„¢, Love Your Legsâ„¢ and the Love Your Coreâ„¢ DVDs.