KEEN Challenges Outdoor Retailer Attendees to Escape the Salt Palace

KEEN is putting the ‘outdoor’ back in Outdoor Retailer! The three days of play in Salt Lake City will feature fun ways to enjoy a short break on the Southside Plaza.

KEEN is putting the ‘outdoor' back in Outdoor Retailer! Each summer the show attracts 23,000 members of the outdoor industry and most of them spend two to three days doing business inside the Salt Palace on concrete floors under fluorescent lighting. This amounts to about 500,000 hours spent indoors promoting products created for the outdoors. This summer KEEN encourages ORSM attendees start a new trend.

“Remember when recess was the best part of your day? We invite you to step outside the tradeshow hall and to bring that fun time back,” said James Curleigh, CEO and chief recess officer of KEEN. “Beyond the show, we want to enable people everywhere to bring more healthy habits, work-life balance and outdoor fun into their lives through this movement to reinstate recess. KEEN welcomes everyone in the outdoor industry to show the world how to reclaim play, make the pledge and take recess every day.”

The three days of play in Salt Lake City will feature fun ways to enjoy a short break on the Southside Plaza. The KEEN Recess Hub features disc golf, ladder ball and a bean bag toss, as well as a photo booth where recess revelers can make a personal Recess Pledge and receive KEEN swag. ORSM attendees can also take the pledge at the KEEN booth (30183W). Anyone and everyone is invited to escape for recess. KEEN encourages fans and friends that couldn't make the show to take the Recess Pledge online.

Still don't think taking recess is important? Here's another reason to take the pledge: If 1000 people pledge to take recess at the show and online from August 4 to 6, KEEN will donate $2000 to Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. If 2000 or more people make the pledge, KEEN will donate $3000 to Leave No Trace to help educate responsible enjoyment and stewardship of the outdoor places of play.

By bringing recess back, KEEN hopes to both inspire and enable people to escape from the daily grind for a moment (or for a day or a week), to connect to the outdoors, and reclaim playtime.

Numerous studies tout the benefits of physical activity and spending time outdoors. For example, recent studies in the workplace conducted by Dr. Toni Yancey, author of Instant Recess and co-director of the Center for Health Equity and professor of health services at UCLA, and her colleagues show that taking short activity breaks during the workday, the time KEEN refers to as recess, is great for an individual's health and well-being.

“Short bouts of physical activity can lead to an entire range of health benefits from lifting mood, helping prevent or control depression, to improving productivity, partly through changes to our cognitive processing,” Yancey said. “It helps prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It helps to control our weight. Really, there almost nothing that it doesn't improve.”

KEEN hopes to inspire thousands of people to take the Recess Pledge to commit to take a break outdoors regularly. For more information, visit Ready, set, play!

8:45 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Thursday, August 4 to Saturday, August 6, 2011

Salt Palace Southside Plaza, Salt Lake City, Utah

Julie Atherton
JAM Media Collective

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