Kate's Tram Bar Now Available Atop the Tram

Kate’s Real Food is proud to announce That they can now be found at the top of the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram, solving one of the problems (?) of decreased waiting time in the tram line.

Kate's Real Food is proud to announce That they can now be found at the top of the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram.

Back when Kate Schade was first mixing batches of her now famous Tram Bar, the tram line could take up to an hour thanks to aging equipment and an ever increasing number of skiers. Plenty of time to see friends, swap stories and share Tram Bars.

These days, the line usually takes about 10 minutes or less, leaving little time to rest and fuel up. Luckily, JHMR has teamed up with Kate's Real Food to make sure guests have the energy they need to make it down the mountain safely and leaving (literally!) a great taste in their mouths.

“From the top of Rendezvous is a big run down, and only fitting that a bar as big as the Tram itself could get you back down in style,” said Zahan Billimoria, Communications Manager at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. “We look forward to working with Kate's Real Food to promote genuine, tasty food that helps us all get out and play.”

“We are so excited to have the Tram Bar available at the top of the Aerial Tram!” Exclaimed Kate Schade, founder and owner of Kate's Real Food, “There couldn't be a more appropriate place for people to be able to pick up a Tram Bar, after all, it was the inspiration for the bars in the first place and is a well-recognized icon of outdoor adventure and fun”

Every bite of Kate's bars is different, to keep you coming back, bar after bar, and each is packed with the best all-natural ingredients to provide the perfect boost of energy whether you're climbing a hammering your 10th Tram or rushing through meals during your work day.

Kate's Real Food: http://www.katesrealfood.com
Retailers: http://trambars.com/retailers.htm
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort: http://www.jacksonhole.com/
Online press release: http://pitch.pe/117605

About Kate's Real Food
Kate's Real Food was founded in the shadow of the Tetons in Victor, ID. Each of Kate's Real Food energy snack bars is handmade, with whole, all natural ingredients and love. Kate's Real Food energy snack bars are created for people who live, play or just want to be outdoors. The flavors and textures of Kate's Real Food energy snack bars are designed to reflect the natural surroundings they were inspired by. For more information, to buy online or to find your local retailer, log onto www.Katesrealfood.com