Kate’s Real Food Signs John Stamstad as NW Rep

John Stamstad, Independent Rep and MTB Hall of Fame inductee spreads the love for Kate's Real Food energy bars in WA, OR, MT and AK.

Kate's Real Food is proud to announce that they have signed John Stamstad of Stamina Sports as Independent Rep for the NW, including Washington, Oregon, Montana and Alaska.

“We're so excited to have John on the Team!” Kate Schade exclaimed, “John is the real deal. He was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2000, after helping create the sport of Ultra-Marathon Cycling and pioneering 24-hour solo racing.” Kate continued, “Not only is John well connected in the territory, but he's as authentic as they come, when walking the walk. He's already a great asset.”

Stamstad noted, “I was hooked from the first time I tried one of Kate's bars. I love the texture and taste, and the balance of good fats and carbs creates a slow burn that satiates for hours.” Stamstad continued, “It's not everyday you come across a product like Kate's, and I look forward to working with them to expand their presence at retail in and in the biking world.

Also representing Garneau, Pivot/BH, Inov8, Light&Motion, Reynolds, Nuun, Sport Beans, Club Ride, 02 Rainwear, SixSixOne, Albabici, Skins, Sea Sucker racks, and Cyclesoles, Kate's Real Food fits perfectly into the Stamina Sports client list.
Kate's Real Food energy snack bars combine tasty goodness and a texture that keeps its shape but isn't dry. Every bite is different, to keep you coming back, bar after bar. Each of Kate's bars is packed with the best all-natural ingredients to provide the perfect boost of energy whether you're winning your 8th consecutive Iditasport race, hammering your 10th Tram, or simply rushing through meals during your work day.

Made by hand and from organic and all natural ingredients.
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Kate's Real Food: http://www.katesrealfood.com
Retailers: http://trambars.com/retailers.htm
Mountain Bike Hall of Fame: http://www.mtnbikehalloffame.com/
Online press release: http://pitch.pe/117624

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Kate's Real Food was founded in the shadow of the Tetons in Victor, ID. Each of Kate's Real Food energy snack bars is handmade, with whole, all natural ingredients and love. Kate's Real Food energy snack bars are created for people who live, play or just want to be outdoors. The flavors and textures of Kate's Real Food energy snack bars are designed to reflect the natural surroundings they were inspired by. For more information, to buy online or to find your local retailer, log onto www.Katesrealfood.com