Kahtoola takes off with Flight System

The Evolution of the Snowshoe; Adapting a Winter Toy to its Varied Playground and Enthusiast

Building upon its innovation in performance footwear traction, Kahtoola announces the launch of its FLIGHTsystem˙. The Kahtoola FLIGHTsystem˙ is an entirely new way to look at snow travel by allowing users to customize their own footwear with a variety of traction, protection and flotation options. The FLIGHTsystem˙ utilizes four unique products that can be used alone or in combination according to terrain, snow conditions and exertion level. The FLIGHTsystem˙ includes the insulated FLIGHTboot˙ with built-in traction; ACES˙ strap-on traction, FLIGHTdeck˙ snowshoe deck and PHANTOM˙ booties protective multi-sport over boot. This new category of winter snowsport travel was created in tandem with Bill Perkins, an industry leader in snowshoe design. The FLIGHTsystem˙ opens up the door to a more versatile, lightweight and adaptable way to run, hike, walk and travel in snow. Kahtoola‚s FLIGHTsystem˙ will be available for testing at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market Backcountry Demo Day, January 27 and on display at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, January 28-31.

„The FLIGHTsystem˙ is the perfect answer for enthusiasts who aren‚t totally satisfied with snowshoes,‰ said Danny Giovale, Kahtoola founder and Product Designer. „The FLIGHTsystem˙ can be used with virtually any type of footwear and adapts to every snow condition from packed powder, deep snow or icy terrain. We‚ve created a way for users to customize their footwear with the perfect mix of warmth, traction, flotation and protection for running, walking, hiking and traveling on snow.‰

According to Bill Perkins, veteran snowshoe designer and co-creator for Kahtoola‚s FLIGHTsystem˙ „This is what snowshoes wanted to be when they grew up‰.

The FLIGHTboot˙ $149, is an insulated overshoe that slides over sneakers, light hikers or other footwear and is secured by a single ratcheted strap. The FLIGHTboot˙ is equipped with traction in the forefoot, midfoot and heel. The FLIGHTboot˙ is available in 7 unisex sizes that stretch to comfortably accommodate shoes from men‚s size 5 to 13. The FLIGHTboot˙ is the answer for consumers who seek warm feet and traction for hitting packed trails, winter hikers or walkers on icy, slick surfaces.

The Kahtoola FLIGHTdeckË™, available in large Gemini, $184 and small Gypsy, $179, allows users to incorporate the FLIGHTbootË™ and the FLIGHTdeckË™ together for optimal flotation in deep snow. The FLIGHTbootË™ clicks into ports on the FLIGHTdeckË™ providing a comfortable, warm snowshoe alternative with built-in traction.

The Kahtoola ACESË™, $99 offer simple strap-on traction that provides forefoot grip and clicks in and out of the FLIGHTdeckË™. The ACESË™ are the best option for those who need super light and minimal traction but would like the option of utilizing the FLIGHTdeckË™.

The Kahtoola PHANTOMË™ booties are a multi-sport neoprene cover that can be used over any footwear to provide basic insulation and protection from the elements. The PHANTOMË™ booties, $39 are the perfect answer for snowshoers, cyclists, Nordic skiers or runners looking for warmth while still maintaining the ability to use bike pedals, Nordic bindings or existing footwear tread. The PHANTOMË™ booties are available in 5 unisex sizes.

Kahtoola makes innovative high performance footwear traction and snow travel systems for everyday outdoor enthusiasts. The Kahtoola FLIGHTsystem˙ launched in January 2006, is an entirely new way to look at snow travel. The FLIGHTsystem˙ utilizes four unique products that can be used alone or in combination to provide customized protection, traction and flotation that adapts easily to terrain, snow conditions and exertion level. The Kahtoola Traction System˙ (KTS) is compatible with virtually any kind of shoe and features lightweight, full sole coverage with independent front and rear strap with unique guide adjustment, clever compact folding design and the flexible LeafSpring® extender bar. Located in Flagstaff, Arizona, Kahtoola is currently distributed to over 150 retail shops nationwide. For additional information on Kahtoola, or to locate the nearest dealer, call 866-330-8030 or check the web site at www.kahtoola.com <http://www.kahtoola.com/> . Kahtoola values the Tibetan spirit of its name (Kahtoola means directly) and the company contributes 1% of its sales to the preservation of Tibetan culture.