Kaenon Polarized Introduces SR-91 Freestyle Progressive Lens Technolog

Kaenon Polarized Introduces SR-91 Freestyle Progressive Lens Technolog
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May 23, 2007

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Kaenon Polarized Introduces SR-91 Freestyle Progressive Lens Technology

Advancing Polarized Rx Lens Technology to Unprecedented Levels in Material and Design

Newport Beach, CA – Consumer sunglass brand and Rx wholesale lens company Kaenon Polarized® today announces the launch and availability of its patented and proprietary SR-91® Freestyle Progressive Polarized lens for any customer requiring progressive lens vision correction. For the first time ever Kaenon Polarized makes the precision and flexibility of back-side digital surfacing available in a wrapped polarized progressive lens in 6.25 and 8.25 base curves in the company's patented SR-91 lens material.

The SR-91 Freestyle Progressive lens is available to the public beginning May 21st through any licensed Eye Care Professional (ECP). The patient's ECP can prescribe the Freestyle lens in Kaenon Polarized branded frames or any other branded or non-branded frame of choice to accommodate any power correction requirement. This allows a patient to experience the superior optical quality and acuity of SR-91 through the advanced lens design and technology created by Kaenon Polarized to solve any and all vision correction requirements – whether in a Kaenon branded frame or any other. The Freestyle Progressive lens design follows the unprecedented release last year from Kaenon Polarized of its SR-91 Single Vision prescription lenses to the public through the company's select premium wholesale laboratory network servicing all Eye Care Professionals.

Kaenon Polarized has entered the lens industry with an entirely new and patented lens material: SR-91. Kaenon created its proprietary SR-91 lens material as the answer to the shortcomings of all existing lens materials. It is NOT polycarbonate, CR-39, Glass nor Trivex. SR-91 offers the optical acuity of the finest glass lens, yet it also exceeds the high mass impact standards mandated by ANSI Z.87.1. All while maintaining an extremely lightweight and thin profile. SR-91 is the lightest weight polarized lens ever invented and the very first non-compromising lens material brought to market.

In true pioneering fashion, Kaenon Polarized continues to advance the quality and clarity standards of lens material and design by combining the superior SR-91 lens material with the latest in progressive lens surfacing technology. The SR-91 Freestyle Progressive utilizes back-side digital surfacing technology which creates a customized lens for each individual patient to the optical accuracy of 0.01 diopters – far exceeding that of standard PALs offered only in 0.25 diopters. The laser-sharp accuracy of the SR-91 Freestyle Progressive lenses result in:
• A smoother, wider, more comfortable field of vision and a significantly lower rate of non-adaptation for progressive patients.
• Less head and eye movement
• Perfect vision up close, mid-range and far-away
• Added optical comfort and visual experience of the finest polarized lens material available – SR-91

Every step in the patented SR-91 manufacturing process focuses on one goal – Visual Performance. Starting with the proprietary SR-91 lens material, every ingredient going into its formula ensures that the highest resolution is maintained for maximum clarity that rivals the finest glass lenses. But being performance driven, Kaenon didn't stop there. Kaenon strove to increase SR-91's strength-to-weight ratio to a level that positions it as the leader in the lens industry. As a result, SR-91 is ultra-light weight, while easily passing the rigorous US Government ANSI Z.87.1 high-mass impact standards, and achieves the highest optical clarity score possible in the ANSI Z.87.1 testing criteria, 40 lines of resolution.
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SR-91 offers:
• Razor Sharp Optical Clarity
• Unsurpassed Glare Reduction
• Ultra light weight and thin
• Superior scratch resistance and durability
• Impact resistance – exceeds ANSI Z87.1 for high mass impact
• Lifetime Guarantee against delamination, cracking or splitting
Creating a new lens material that combines the best qualities of all existing materials doesn't become groundbreaking without introducing new technology.

The key to Kaenon's revolutionary polarized lens technology is the unique combination of SR-91 and the Glare 86 Polarizing Element. Glare 86, merely 30 microns thin, was specially engineered for use with the SR-91 lens material and offers exceptional polarizing efficiency. Kaenon's lens manufacturing process encapsulates the Glare 86 element within the SR-91 lens material. The molecular bond between the two materials is so strong that Kaenon is able to offer a lifetime guarantee against cracking, splitting and delamination. Glare 86 not only eliminates glare, but it also houses SR-91's purpose-built tints and Kaenon's proprietary Light Transmission Control™ (LTC™) technology, giving every SR-91 lens the ability to regulate the amount of light transmitted to the eye. This unprecedented control in polarization gives Kaenon the ability to calibrate SR-91 for use in different light conditions – from low light to full sun – or customize the lens tint and light transmission level to the wearer's specific desire. It also enables SR-91 to control how colors are perceived – from enhancing certain colors for use in specific sports applications to maintaining the truest color recognition.

Every SR-91 lens is measured using Kaenon's Light Transmission Level (LTL®) readings. By combining the correct LTL with one of three specific tints – Grey, Copper and Yellow – Kaenon Polarized offers the perfect polarized lens to enhance and tune vision in any situation. Kaenon Polarized lenses range from LTL 12™ (the darkest lens) to LTL 50™ (the lightest lens):
• Grey 12™ and Copper 12™ – Perform best in bright, full sun conditions. These tints transmit 12% of visible light.
• Grey 28™ and Copper 28™ – Perform best in cloudy, lower light conditions. These tints transmit 28% of visible light.
• Yellow 35™ – Significantly enhances contrast. Optimum in hazy, changing and lower light conditions. Transmits 35% of visible light.
• Copper 50™ – Allows maximum light transmission for increased contrast and greater detail recognition. Performs best in low light conditions. Transmits 50% of visible light.

• Single Vision - Single Vision Semi-Finished Lenses are available in base curves of 1, 2, 4.25, 6.25, 8.25.
• Freestyle Progressive - The Kaenon Polarized Freestyle Progressive is processed using back-side digital surfacing technology. Available in base curves of 6.25 and 8.25.
• Refractive Index - 1.56
• ABBE Value - 40
• Specific Gravity - 1.15
• Safety Lens / Impact Resistant - ANSI Z.87.1

Kaenon Polarized. Evolve Optically®.

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