Jetboil Launches Fuel Canister Recycling Tool

Known for innovation in outdoor cooking and committed to environmental stewardship, Jetboil, Incorporated will introduce its new CrunchIt™ tool, developed in collaboration with REI.
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Known for innovation in outdoor cooking and committed to environmental stewardship, Jetboil, Incorporated will introduce its new CrunchItâ„¢ tool, developed in collaboration with REI. The CrunchIt tool safely vents and punctures standard butane fuel canisters, indicating the canister is empty, safe, and ready for recycling in commercial and municipal recycling programs*. Jetboil CrunchItâ„¢ will be available exclusively at REI during October and nationwide in all participating retailers and at starting November 1, 2010.

“Jetboil is committed to reducing impact on the environment,” said Perry Dowst, co-founder and CEO of Jetboil. “We have clearly heard from our end users and partners about the need to improve and increase the recycling of fuel canisters. The CrunchIt™ butane canister recycling tool is being launched with support from REI, who helped to champion this effort consistently and passionately. We encourage all our end users and partners to support and join us in protecting the environment.”

The CrunchItâ„¢ tool threads onto a Jetboil Jetpower or other standard fuel canister valve, venting any remaining traces of fuel before easily puncturing the canister and rendering it obviously empty and ready for recycling. CrunchItâ„¢ (MSRP: $6.95) weighs just one ounce and easily clips onto a carabiner or key ring, and also includes a plastic safety cap, bottle opener, and orifice jet wrench for certain Jetboil cooking system models.

“With the increasing popularity of canister compatible backpacking stoves, REI was dedicated to find a way to recycle butane fuel canisters,” says Kristin Finton, REI camp stove product manager. “We applaud Jetboil for creating this resource for the industry.”

Since its founding in 2004, Jetboil's category leading cooking systems have won numerous awards both inside and outside the outdoor industry. The patented FluxRing® technology, at the heart of Jetboil cooking systems, defines efficiency, safety and ease of use and its introduction has redefined the outdoor cooking category. The Jetboil team is committed to simplifying and personalizing outdoor cooking and fueling a world of exploration. Jetboil is the trusted and indispensable companion of those who push the limits of their endurance, and the boundaries of their experience.

*recycling rules vary, please check with your local municipal or county waste facility to ensure full compliance with recycling regulations in your region


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