Jeff Lowe's Metanoia Team Returns from Switzerland

View heli footage of Josh Wharton climbing on sections of Lowe's 1991 Metanoia route on the Eiger, directed by Jeff and Greg Lowe

Team Metanoia had a very successful filming trip to Switzerland thanks to Josh Wharton, Chris Alstrin, Greg and Jean Lowe, Connie Self, David Black, Lorenz Frutiger, SIGG, Griwarent, Movements and all of our Sponsors and many supporters.

Jeff and Greg Lowe directed filming from a helicopter with a Cineflex Camera attached as they repeatedly flew up the North Face of the Eiger . You can see clips here of Josh Wharton and Daniel Mader climbing sections of Lowe's unrepeated 1991 Metanoia route on the North Face of the Eiger. (Photo: Chris Alstrin films Josh Wharton high up on "Metanoia" while he chops out Jeff Lowe's backpack out of the ice.)

Chris Alstrin, Josh Wharton, Daniel Mader and their Swiss Guide, Lorenze Frutiger, gained access to the notorious face via the famous Jungfraubahn, the train that travels inside the Eiger. The Team then climbed out onto the face through the rescue window on the mountain face itself and also by helicopter. From there Alstrin could document the progress of the climbers while the Lowe brothers directed the Cineflex Camera operator from within the helicopter as they made repeated passes to film the climbers ascent. 

Lowe's Vau De backpack was recovered from high on the North Face of the Eiger during the trip. Lowe had left it secured to the mountain when he ran out of rope and protection near the summit during his 1991 solo winter ascent of Metanoia on the Eiger. He had little time to catch a helicopeter ride off the summit ridge before another storm would come in and make his safe descent impossible. Click here to see Josh Wharton chopping the pack from the ice and presenting it to Jeff in Kleine Scheidegg. Contents of the pack will be revealed later this week.

The team was filming sequences for Jeff Lowe's Metanoia, the extraordinary documentary film about the life and climbs of Jeff Lowe, to be narrated by Jon Krakauer. Click here to see scenes from the making of the film.

A successful Kickstarter Campaign raised $37,922.00 for the project on March 31. Fundraising continues now with direct contributions to Adaptable Man, LLC at 1883 20th Street, Ogden, UT 84401. For more information or to make tax deductible contributions please visit or call 208.630.4477. 

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Jeff Lowe and Metanoia Team Now in Switzerland

After months of preparation the Metanoia Team is now in Switzerland to continue filming of Jeff Lowe's Metanoia in the Swiss Alps. After getting settled in the beautiful chalets provided to us by sponsor Griwarent, the Metanoia Team has begun to recreate scenes from Jeff Lowe's 9 more

Metanoia Team Gearing up for Switzerland

Jeff Lowe and the Metanoia Team fly to Switzerland next week to begin filming in the Swiss Alps for Jeff Lowe's Metanoia.  Celebrated American climber, Josh Wharton will climb to recreate scenes from Jeff Lowe's solo first ascent of Metanoia on the Eiger Nordwand. Chris Alstrin more

Become a Backer of Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia on Kickstarter

Kickstarter funding will be used to recreate scenes from Jeff's 1991 solo 1st ascent of Metanoia in the exact locations where they occurred on the Eiger. Josh Wharton will be the "climb in" for these recreations. An attempt of a second ascent will also be filmed if conditions more

Asolo, Lowe Alpine, Mammut join other sponsors of Jeff Lowe's Metanoia

New sponsors this week are making preparations for the Metanoia Team's upcoming trip to Switzerland a little easier. Griwarent will provide beautiful apartments for the team, in classic Swiss efficiency and style. Asolo and Lowe Alpine will share a $17,000 Headwall Sponsorshp of more

Jeff Lowe's Recovered Pack Contents Displayed at OR

While in Switzerland filming forJeff Lowe's Metanoia, American climber Josh Wharton recovered Jeff Lowe's pack from the Eiger after 20 years frozen into the great North Face. The Metanoia Team is excited to announce that the contents of Jeff Lowe’s pack will be on display from more

Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia Announces Retailer Sponsorship Special

Jeff Lowe's Metanoia, is the feature length documentary film about the life and climbs of legendary alpinist Jeff Lowe, narrated by Jon Krakauer - A Community Funded Project! Jeff's story inspires each of us to do what we can, with what we've got, from where we are. Years of more

Fundraiser for Jeff Lowe's Metanoia at Utah Valley University

A fundraiser for Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia will be held on Tuesday February 22 from 6:00-9:30pm at the Utah Valley University. There will be a reception with Jeff Lowe and a silent auction of $1000 worth of brand new outdoor equipment courtesy of Liberty Mountian and Petzl and DVD’s more

Jeff Lowe's Metanoia Beneficiary of GearTribe's Philanthropic Program

Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia is honored to be the first beneficiary of GearTribe’s philanthropic program, “Greater Good.” Gear Tribe's‘ Greater Good’  program supports environmental conservation and causes of local and national relevance to the outdoor community. Partnering with Hydro more

Correction to 3/22 Press Release from Jeff Lowe's Metanoia Team

We apologize for our mistake in last weeks press release and herewith correct ourselves by naming Josh Wharton as a Mammut Athlete. Josh is not on any other teams and is entirely supported by Mammut. We are grateful to Josh Wharton for his trememdous contributions to Jeff more