Jackson Storms into '07 with 11 New Kayaks

Jackson Kayak will debut 11 new models of whitewater boats in the last quarter of this year, an unprecedented coup in kayak manufacturing.

Jackson Kayak will debut 11 new models of whitewater boats in the last quarter of this year, an unprecedented coup in kayak manufacturing. The boats make their first public debut at Gauley Fest, Sept. 23 – 25 in Sumnerville, WV.

While he's been traveling around North America and Europe winning freestyle competitions, behind the scenes, company founder Eric “EJ” Jackson and his design partner David Knight have been working on the second chapter of the Jackson Kayak story, its next generation whitewater boats.

“Not only are we making history for the largest simultaneous launch of new product but we are demonstrating to the marketplace the Jackson Kayak delivers on its promises,” Jackson said. “We promised dealers a two to three year lifecycle on our boats and we stuck to it and the strategy paid off. We had more orders for Funs in the third year than either of the first two years.”

Across the board, consumers will recognize the boats for Jackson-Knight's focus on simplicity, most notably smooth design lines and low draught. For ease of travel, cockpits have been reshaped for easier access to stern storage, water bottle holders have been added, and backbands have been retooled.

The 2007 series of boats Boat Armor outfitted and complete with Sweet Cheeks and Happy Feet for the ultimate in adjustable comfort, will retail at $995. Jackson Kayak will also introduce the Classic Series, a line of price point oriented kayaks. Included in the lineup are the Fun 1 and Fun 1.5 at $695, as well as the 2004 Fun and Star series boats now made with Super Linear HDPE plastic for $795. While featuring a simplified outfitting package, all Classic Series boats will be Boat Armor equipped.

The new Fun series have already enjoyed a trial by fire, so to speak, and passed with flying colors. Jackson piloted the 4 Fun to first place at US Freestyle Kayak Team trials in August. Joining the 4 Fun is the all new Super Fun for super-sized boaters. The Super Fun is now the largest kayak of its kind ever produced. For the first time ever, boaters upwards of 210 pounds aren't handicapped by boats that are too small for them. Joining the 4 Fun and Super Fun are fresh faced 2 Funs and Funs, among the best selling boats in the fleet. The new Fun series will build on the 2004 edition's reputation for ease or rolling, user friendliness and comfort and add more room and even more comfort and stability and better playboating on waves, holes and even flatwater.

First out of the new molds is the Megarocker, which will be followed by the Punk Rocker and a retooled Rocker for cutting edge approach to creekboating. At 93 gallons, David Knight explained the Mega Rocker is at the leading edge of the trend toward higher volume boats for extreme creeking. The Rocker series is designed with input from Team Jackson Kayak athletes Ben Stookesberry, Jesse Coombs, Clay Wright, Phil Boyer, Boyd Ruppelt, Jay Kincaid, Stephen Wright and others. Keeping expedition creekers like Coombs and Stookesberry in mind, the cockpit has been rashaped to allow easier access and more room for stern storage and the boat's “Uni-Shock” bulkhead system, constructed of cross-linked HDPE plastic, the strongest roto-molded material on the market, will keep them safe as they rack up more first descents on rock- and tree-choked creeks around the world. Jackson promised the boats will also help the average kayaker tame any water.

The 2007 Star Series is the final installment of the most comprehensive lineup of whitewater kayaks in history. Like the Fun Series, the Stars will build on all the traits that made the 2004 Star series the winningest freestyle boat in history. Jackson said the new Stars are faster, looser, easier to paddle and turn big moves into huge moves. A new pint-sized Star will debut for Fun 1 paddlers who are ready to graduate to a full-on playboat.

Founded in 2004, family owned and operated Jackson Kayak is the leading manufacturer of whitewater kayaks. First in sales to date in 2006, Jackson is also the first and still only producer of performance whitewater boats for kids. For further details, visit JacksonKayak.com


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