Jackson Kayak's new All-Star sizzles at whitewater parks

All-Star 2010 sweeps Teva Mountain Games with design and performance features aimed at making the boat easier to spin and rotate while fostering maximim amplitude that will appeal to playboaters of all skill levels.

A powerful, compact and lightweight new weapon is about to infiltrate whitewater parks around the globe but Jackson Kayak's new All-Star series of playboats won't be easy to conceal since they're aimed at podium finishes for everything from recreational Hometown Throwdowns to pro class World Championships.

In fact, the All-Star made its competition debut earlier this month during Teva Mountains Games in Vail where it swept the men's freestyle podium propelling Stephen Wright to a record high freestyle score of 1310 points, followed closely by Nick Troutman, 1295 and Dustin Urban, 1040. Recreational paddlers can enjoy the lighting fast moves, and huge air JK Factory Team members delivered in Vail. Whether learning a trick for the first time, or performing the hardest tricks with the biggest amplitude, the shorter, faster, lighter design delivers in aces.

The All-Star 2010 series boats are crafted for shining from the shallowest whitewater park to the biggest waves of the world. Design and performance features aim at making the boat easier to spin and rotate while fostering maximum amplitude in the air. Some complex math calculations has it rotating in the air at speeds 12 percent faster than its predecessor, and much easier to launch in the air. Testing JK Factory Team members including reigning World Champion and Jackson Kayak founder Eric “EJ” Jackson, World Bronze Medalist Nick Troutman and US National Champion Stephen Wright proves the math, and the unbridled excitement by these top paddlers for this new boat is genuine.

As Ferrari is to cars, the All-Star 2010 is to whitewater kayaks. Highly specialized, with aspiring to avid playboaters top of mind, the new All-Star series provides lightning-quick responsiveness with sporty and agile handling dynamics. The redesigned wedge-shaped deck sheds water more easily, reducing resistance, translating into bigger surface-to-air and submerged-end launches. Greater cockpit knee height and narrow knee position combine for improved leg comfort while more hand and paddle room accommodates vertical paddle strokes to deliver a boat with a single-minded focus on playing hard all day.

Jackson said he and longtime design partner David Knight were very worried about losing some river running ability in this new freestyle machine. After testing on the Colorado River at 12,000 cfs, their worries were over and the verdict is in: improved river running due to more volume in the boat and easier to keep the ends out of the water. “The new All-Star series caters to the paddler who wants World Championship performance in their playboat, even if they are learning the most basic of moves like the front surf,” Jackson said.

With the All-Star 2010 series, Jackson Kayak also expands on its reputation for the broadest range of boat sizes, from kid-sized Shooting Stars to the new Mon-Star for size XXL boaters. The new Star series also marks the debut of a new formulation of cross-link plastic that cuts out peroxides making it better for the environment while at the same time creating a more rigid and durable hull.

Standard features include Boat Armor outfitting with Sweet Cheeks all-day comfort adjustable seating. Available in rainbow colors, MSRP $1199. Founded in 2004, family owned and operated Jackson Kayak is the leading manufacturer of whitewater kayaks. For further details about the complete line of Jackson Kayak whitewater and recreational boats, visit JacksonKayak.com.


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