Jackson Kayak Unveils New SUP line

New Stand Up Paddleboards released at Outdoor Retailer expand manufacturer’s highly successful paddlesports line

August 2, 2012 – Jackson Kayak will formally unveil three new Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jackson Kayak's new SUPerCHARGER designed for river play and whitewater, it's SUPerNATURAL board aims at general recreational use and the SUPerFISHal for fishing are now being shown off. These boards were designed and manufactured at the company's factory in Sparta, Tenn., and will be on full display throughout the expo.

The three new boards are an addition to Jackson Kayak's highly successful line of freestyle, river running, creek, fishing and all water kayak lines that have kept Jackson Kayak at the lead in market share and units sold. The SUP is a new direction for Jackson.

For the design of these new SUPs, Jackson Kayak turned to leading designer Tony Lee and with industry veteran Ken “Hobie”Hoeve to bring Jackson Kayak to a new stage in river craft with their introduction to the SUP vertical.

This board is by far the most stable, stiff, durable and versatile river running SUP ever made. Constructed out of the same material as our whitewater kayaks it gives riders the ability to surf standing waves and paddle the most difficult rapids with ease. Its channel bottom hull and removable fins allow it to track yet spin quickly. It's the board that will outlast and outperform in the river environment.
MSRP – $799
Length – 9' 8” Width – 36” Weight –45 lbs

"I have paddled every type of SUP in whitewater and the SUPercharger is BY FAR the most stable and river worthy board I have ever used.” Hoeve said. “It has it all. Superior stability, incredibly durable and versatile and it punches thru holes and waves yet allows the paddler to turn quickly. It makes any section of river more fun and instills confidence in it's paddler. This is the one board that anyone can hop on and immediately feel the stability and charge the river."

This recreational and touring board is ready for any mission. It's length, width and thickness make it virtually tip free. Molded in features as well as aftermarket accessories will allow it's owners to fully customize it to their needs. Camping, cruising, fishing, hunting and hauling anything you can think of will be possible on this revolutionary board. Attach a cooler or pole holders. Anything is possible on this revolutionary board.•
MSRP – $869
Length – 11' 5” Width – 35.5” Weight –57 lbs

“The SUPernatural is a stable, durable and affordable SUP that allows everyone to get out on the water and feel confident.” Hoeve said. “It's volume and width combined with it's limitless deck rigging options allows paddlers to load it up for multi day excursions, load a cooler, dogs or bring the kids along. It's construction ensures it will outlast and it's design will outperform any other board in the industry.”

Fishing SUP designed with fishing in mind. This SUP is stable, straight tracking and set up for the fishing enthusiast. Features like screw in technology for accessories, mount points for your favorite gear, cam strap enabled hull and cooler support makes this a unique fishing craft.
MSRP – $969
Length – 11' 5” Width – 35.5” Weight 58 lbs

"The SUPerFISHal is the quickest and easiest way I have found to get on the water and fishing instantly,” Hoeve said. “Put it in the water, jump on board and toss your line. Standing up gives the user the advantage to see deeper in the water and the mobility to turn and fight the fish more aggressively. The board's thickness and width makes it incredibly stable and its deck rigging options serves up limitless gear and accessory potential. It combines exercise and adventure. Adventursize! Fresh or salt water, It's a fish slaying SUP."

About Jackson Kayak: Jackson Kayak was founded in 2003 by Eric Jackson. Currently located in Sparta, Tenn., near the Caney Fork River, Jackson Kayak designs, builds, and manufactures a multitude of models. Their products are all made in the USA. Their line of high quality kayaks includes whitewater, creeking, touring, environmental, and fishing. Converting an old Levi's Jeans factory into their manufacturing headquarters, Jackson Kayak has assisted not only in furthering the kayak industry but also promoting the economy of Sparta.

CONTACT: James McBeath613-256-0598 james@jacksonkayak.com


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