Jackson Kayak Supports Worldwide Day of Play

Jackson Kayak is introducing local Boy Scouts to the lifetime sport of kayaking as part of the Worldwide Day of Play, Sept. 30.

Rock Island, TN - Jackson Kayak is introducing local Boy Scouts to the lifetime sport of kayaking as part of the Worldwide Day of Play, Sept. 30.

Worldwide Day of Play is sponsored by Nickelodeon and its partners including the Outdoor Industry Foundation. In honor of WWDoP, Nickelodeon “goes dark” on air to encourage kids to get up, go out and go play. WWDoP is the culmination of Nickelodeon's Let's Just Play Go Healthy Challenge, a health and wellness movement empowering kids to take steps to make their lives healthier and be role models for other youth.

Volunteering to introduce the sport they love to Troop #499 from Warren County, TN are Team Jackson Kayak's teen athletes including OIF Outdoor Idol Emily Jackson, World Cup Junior Men's Champion Nick Troutman, as well as Team JK's three-time World Freestyle Kayak Champion Eric “EJ” Jackson, US National Champion Stephen Wright, 2005 National Champion Clay Wright, North American Freestyle Champion Ruth Gordon and other Jackson Kayak athletes and employees.

“Everyone at Jackson Kayak considers themselves ambassadors for kayaking so they eagerly jumped on board the Worldwide Day of Play bandwagon,” said Jackson Kayak founder and president Eric Jackson. “Just as much as youth are the future of kayaking – and any sport – I believe kayaking can transform lives. It's a really fun sport entire families can enjoy and when you're having a great time outdoors with friends and family, the natural byproduct is improved mental and physical well-being and that's very cool.”

Plans for the day include traveling to the Hiawasee River in the morning and learning to roll. After a picnic lunch, the Scouts will get in their kayaks and enjoy their maiden downriver voyage under the tutelage of top kayak champions. The boys range in age from 12 to 18 and without exception, they are all “super excited,” said Troop leader Geoff Lewis. “Learning from such accomplished athletes is going to be a real treat. We can't thank Jackson Kayak enough for coordinating this awesome adventure.”

Jackson Kayak is the first and only manufacturer of performance whitewater kayaks for kids. Founded in 2004, the company has become the leading seller of a full range of kayaks for all ages and interests including river running, freestyle aka playboating, and creekboating. In an effort to attract even more new kayakers, Jackson Kayak will introduce a price-point oriented line of Classic boats for recreational enthusiasts in 2007. For more information about the products, the team, and the lifestyle, visit JacksonKayak.com


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