I/O Bio Merino Announces Bold New In-Store Merchandising Program

I/O Bio Merino, the street-inspired and mountain-functional merino clothing company, presents its dealers with a heavyweight in-store merchandising program.

I/O Bio Merino, the street-inspired and mountain-functional merino clothing company, presents its dealers with a heavyweight in-store merchandising program. Like a prize fighter quickly earning its nickname, “The Mailbox” headlines I/O Bio Merino's in-store merchandising program.
“The Mailbox is big, strong and built to last. It feels good to put long term quality not only into our clothing, but into our entire dealer support program,” states I/O Bio Merino's Director of Sales and Marketing, Tim Kelley. “The Mailbox will deliver.” I/O Bio Merino's in-store merchandising rack combines the street inspired attitude of the brand with a creative approach to showcase the brands signature pieces while organizing I/O Bio's eye-catching red boxed Contact and Universal Collection.
“With the softest merino on earth and our unique brand style, a floor display like this grabs the consumer's attention and puts the product in their hands,” explains Greg McRoberts, General Manager of I/O Bio Merino. Asked about the visibly solid construction of the Mailbox, McRoberts responds, “It's overbuilt, for sure. But our dealers want long-term quality and a cool look on their sales floor. The Mailbox is that and more.”
Made of recycled steel and eco-wood, the Mailbox is designed to meld functional display needs of the product line with retro-fashion, the display is earning a commanding position on shop floors. The double-sided Mailbox features easily updated seasonal graphics – shipping with the Fall/Winter 2009 I/O Bio Collection with blower Wasatch powder skiing and fall climbing imagery.
About I/O Bio Merino
The only merino wool brand with a true “Sheep-to-Shelf” solution. I/O Bio Merino combines unmatched merino technology with functional and progressive design. Street-inspired and mountain-friendly, I/O Bio Merino clothing is incredibly versatile. “Inside-Outside. You decide.” I/O brings together the worlds softest and finest merino fibers and advanced fabrication methods to create a new breed of apparel. For more information see: www.io-bio.com


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