Introducing the Gramicci Flying Squirrel Free Press

Gramicci, the original outdoor lifestyle apparel brand that is equal parts science and soul, merges conscience and commerce with its latest selling tool the Fall 2008 Gramicci Flying Squirrel Free Press News Catalog


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Gramicci Merges Conscience With Commerce Reflecting The Culture and Mindset Of The Brand and The Outdoor Customer.

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. (Dec 20, 2007) –Gramicci, the original outdoor lifestyle apparel brand that is equal parts science and soul, merges conscience and commerce with its latest selling tool – the Fall 2008 Gramicci Flying Squirrel Free Press News Catalog.

Behold a new voice.
The 25-year-old “Never The Norm” outdoor apparel company announces the debut of THE GRAMICCI FLYING SQUIRREL FREE PRESS, a platform for thought, messages, words, and pictures that bring added light into the world and help encourage involvement, inform and connect people with something meaningful. Whether it's change-making people or organizations doing positive things, or outdoor athletes and participants sharing their experiences, the 100% recycled GRAMICCI FLYING SQUIRREL FREE PRESS was created to bring added substance to the process of selling Gramicci clothing.

Start Somewhere.
A little over two years ago a highly creative group of people began revitalizing one of the great soul brands of the outdoor industry, Gramicci. This new generation of Gramicciheads wanted to have a greater impact on fewer social issues and set out to find what causes resonated most with them. Out of this process came an idea to create Gramicci's START SOMEWHERE, a portal that helps reveal underexposed, change-making individuals, organizations, and initiatives so that people could easily access information and connect with what resonated most with them.

Gramicci's START SOMEWHERE is evolving, like the Gramicci brand. Its mission today now states: ENCOURAGE, INFORM, and CONNECT. Encourage people to take a first step and start somewhere; Inform people on emerging issues, organizations, and initiatives; Connect people with causes, and world needs that matter most to them. By January 2008 START SOMEWHERE will launch on its website, a place where visitors can go to and link to a variety of people, causes and change-making initiatives.

The content of the news catalog includes the thought provoking article Pure Water For The World, a lifesaving organization that is attacking the tragedy that 56percent of the world population is without safe drinking water, a reality that is killing a child every 15 seconds. “A Real Life, Every-Day Hero” is Dr. Thomas Perry, father of Design Director Sarah Mark, who for over 10 years, has traveled to Gabon, Africa lending his medical expertise to training local doctors and save lives at the Bongolo Christian hospital. Outdoor Outreach – This amazing organization has taken thousands of at risk inner city, underprivileged to the outdoors instilling hope and self esteem where there was once none.

Within each newspaper section of the GRAMICCI FLYING SQUIRREL FREE PRESS are 4 distinct product collections - Gramicci Life, Greenicci, Built for Sport, and Authentic Originals. Each section details a Fall 2008 product collection and highlights another great change-making individual.

President Marty Weening, explains the motivating premise to The GRAMICCI FLYING SQUIRREL FREE PRESS catalog, “This newspaper catalog is our first step to linking the often one dimensional process of selling with heightening the awareness of extraordinary change makers who are saving lives and our planet. It also gives a look into our Company through our own very special Gramicci employees to help bring our customers closer to who and what Gramicci represents as people versus just product. It also introduces Start Somewhere a key component of our updated website debuting in January. Like the paper, It provides a conduit for connecting people with people, organizations or initiatives that may resonate with them in order to encourage them to take that first step to helping bring about much needed change.“

As the inaugural edition of the Gramicci Flying Squirrel Free Press states:
Start Somewhere. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

About Gramicci:

Gramicci, considered the soul brand of the outdoor industry, 25 years ago created the icon climbing design feature, the freedom of movement gusset in pants and shorts. This invention launched the lifestyle apparel evolution in the outdoor market lead by the still sought after authentic Gramicci G-pant and short. The brand is now well known for its natural fiber technologies, distinct fabrications and washed out weathered garment finishes that continue to set the standard for comfort and multi-functional apparel. Gramicci now presents four distinct product collections; Gramicci Life, Greenicci, Built For Sport, and Authentic Originals. Each collection has the distinct Gramicci stamp of being slightly irreverent, never the norm comfort outdoor clothing built for the sport of living. For more information, visit


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