InSport Receives $2M USMC Contract for Advanced Base Layer Garments

High performance athletic apparel manufacturer InSport International has received a $2 million contract to provide advanced base layer garments to the U.S. Marine Corps.

BEAVERTON, Oregon (July 31, 2006) – High performance athletic apparel manufacturer InSport International has received a $2 million contract to provide advanced base layer garments to the United States Marine Corps. Under the terms of the contract, InSport will produce two base layer products specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Marines in physical training (PT).

Receipt of this contract funds production of approximately 98,000 garments: 87,000 short sleeve Performanceâ„¢ t-shirts and 11,000 long sleeve Defenderâ„¢ t-shirts. With this new order, the Performanceâ„¢ t-shirt is InSport's second highest selling garment. InSport's military sales for this year are now double what they were last, requiring that the company ramp up and significantly expand its manufacturing operations in Oregon.

InSport's Defender™ and Performance™ t-shirts will be distributed to Marines at bases across the United States. InSport's base layer Performance™ t-shirts are designed to replace outdated cotton t-shirts that can compromise the soldier's health and comfort. Incorporating Polartec® Power Dry fabric, the Performance™ t-shirt offers tremendous moisture management capabilities. The Defender™ t-shirt additionally was designed for the changing needs of the Marines and serves as an important first step in development of a garment for use in combat operations.

In response to field reports from Iraq and Afghanistan of garments melting under the heat of exploding IEDs and roadside bombs, the U.S. Marine Corps seeks a garment that offers heat resistant capabilities. InSport's newly engineered heat resistant Defender™ t-shirt incorporates moisture removing Polartec® Power Dry with anti-microbial X-Static fabric on the chest and back with heat resistant textiles. This contract marks the Marines' first purchase of Defender™ t-shirts.

“Oregon's unique design and manufacturing expertise is what enables InSport to quickly respond to the needs of the Marine Corps. We are proud of our ability to provide these state-of-the-art t-shirts and to continue to build upon the region's already rich legacy in textile technology,” said InSport Executive Vice President Eric Merk.

“InSport has been quick in their response to the changing needs of the Marines. They have been extremely effective in using their product development expertise to create a clothing solution for the military. At the same time, they have maintained their commitment to comfort with the traditional PT base layer,” said Dan Fitzgerald, Program Manager, Infantry Combat Equipment, Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico, VA.

“Our troops should have the best equipment as they go into the field,” U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) said. “Oregon's Congressional delegation worked together to secure this funding, which will not only help our troops, but will also provide an economic boost to our state.”

“Oregon businesses are producing technologies that will help protect our soldiers and fortify our security at home,” Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR) said. “Many of the projects have applications beyond the battlefield. The investments we are making today will pay off in other areas tomorrow. This investment also sustains jobs, ensuring Oregon's economy continues to grow.”

"InSport represents an entire community of technological innovators in this region, which I am proud to represent. It is my pleasure to see that the best of what Oregon has to offer is bringing comfort to Marines," said Congressman David Wu (D-1st/OR).

“Through designing and manufacturing these base layer garments, everyone at InSport is improving the lives and the safety of service men and women. From those cutting and sewing on the line to those who dream up these new technologies, this is an organization that should be proud of its good work,” said Congresswoman Darlene Hooley (D-5th/OR).

InSport specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance technical apparel, and provides gear to various branches of the U.S. military, including the Army, Navy and Marine Corps.

Established in 1978, InSport International is a leading producer of athletic performance apparel for athletes of every caliber in distinct categories: Running, Cycling, Triathlon, Training, Team and Military. InSport has been a leader in innovation and advancement in the sports apparel industry and is distributed nationally and internationally. InSport is proud to have the majority of its product line manufactured in the United States and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vital Apparel Group. For more information and to review the entire apparel line please call 800.652.5200 or visit