Inspire Fitness wins home gym of the year award.

INSPIRE FITNESS wins home gym of the year award with the M3 Multi-Gym in the 2007 ION® Sports Product of the Year contest. For more information, click ION® Home Gym of the Year

Featuring fixed and functional training, the M3 allows users to easily perform free motion and standard exercises. The M3 also has a small footprint (72″ Length X 40″ Width X 78″ Height) and is much shorter in height than most home gyms.

The M3 comes in four standard color fabric shrouds and owners can choose to have a custom-designed fabric shroud to match home decor. With four standard orthopedic seat pad colors as well, the M3 is an extremely comfortable home gym. Seated leg curl and patent pending abdominal stations are unique to the M3.

Inspire's M3 is a finalist for the 2007 ION® Sports Product of the Year.



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