Innate supports Utah + Canadian Avalanche Centers

Dawn patrollers unite! Innate supports Utah and Canadian Avalanche Centers with donation of logo'd insulated tumblers and travel mugs to be used for fundraising.
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Innate supports fundraising efforts for the Utah and Canadian Avalanche Centers by donating logo’d Doppio tumblers and vacuum insulated Kaze mugs. Available for purchase at fundraisers, awareness events and online, Innate mugs will help these centers raise money and promote avalanche awareness while keeping snow enthusiasts toasty warm with hot beverages.

December, 12 2012. (VANCOUVER, CANADA) -- Innate, an innovator in cleanly designed essentials for active travel, is pleased to support two of the leading avalanche safety centers in North America. With a mission to provide avalanche awareness, snow education and winter survival skills, the Utah Avalanche Center (UAC) and Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC) are organizations promoting safe, active travel.

“Living and working in Vancouver, we’ve seen what it’s like in the backcountry when people start drifting further and further out of bounds without proper training and education. Mistakes are made. Mistakes that can lead to much bigger catastrophes,” says Greg Foweraker, Managing Director of Innate. “The work these avalanche teams do to keep people safe, educated, aware, even alive, is incredible and we are deeply indebted to avalanche safety centers worldwide.”

The relationship began with the CAC two years ago when Innate became involved by providing prizes for the Avalanche Awareness Days, an open to the public, multi-day and multi-venue event taking place across Canada to promote avalanche safety. This led to conversations with Paul Diegel, Executive Director of ‘Friends of the UAC’ and Jennifer George, CAC’s Marketing and Sponsorship Manager, on the benefits of donating attractive well made tumblers or vacuum mugs that could be sold to raise money while increasing awareness of the avalanche centers. Today, the UAC and CAC are offering custom logo’d Innate product at community events and on their respective websites: (Utah Avalanche Center) and (Canadian Avalanche Centre).

“We believe that bringing expertise, education and awareness is critical to the sport and the safety of our fellow mountain travelers,” notes Nat Tschoban, Innate’s Sales Marketing Coordinator. “The UAC and CAC are hubs for information and we are excited to support these two fantastic organizations!”

About Innate:

Innate creates cleanly designed essentials for active travel. The company is based in Vancouver, Canada - a city surrounded by mountains and water that provides endless inspiration and field-testing feedback for the product design team. Product collections include storage and carrying systems for food, drink, digital mobile devices, and active travel that maintain the company’s design philosophy of Leaner, Cleaner, Greener. For more information about Innate, please visit You can also visit Facebook, Twitter, or contact us via or phone: 1 (877) 406.6283.