INIS Makes a Splash with the Launch of the Fastest and Most Comfortable Swim Fins


Livermore, CA (March 29, 2016)—FINIS, Inc., a world leader in technical swimming development, announces the launch of the Edge fin, the first 100% silicone speed fin to market that utilizes Smart Fin™ Technology.

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With the goal of creating the world’s fastest and most comfortable swim fin that promotes a correct kick technique, the Edge fin is the result of over 15 months of designing, prototyping and testing. Born from a partnership with industrial designer David Beittel and long-time friend of FINIS, Dr. Marty Hull, the Edge fin eliminates drag and increases propulsion by redirecting water flow, allowing for swimmers to maximize their top speed. Dr. Hull is widely known in the sport of swimming for his development of Smart Fin™ Technology, a proprietary combination of blade angle and hydrodynamic vents that facilitate a natural kick cycle with instant forward propulsion.

“When we set out to design the Edge fins we wanted to create the most comfortable and fastest fins on the market,” said John Mix, Co-Founder and CEO of FINIS, Inc.We worked hard to design a fin that is fast and promotes the swimmer’s natural kick cycle without compromising on comfort.”

The proprietary blade angle, in conjunction with the open heel and toe design, provides optimum comfort without compromising performance. The ergonomic contours on the Edge fin also help to maintain a constant connection with the top of the foot for a secure fit, making the fin feel like a natural extension of the foot.”

“The Edge fins work both the up-kick and down-kick, helping develop an equal and strong kick initiated from the core,” said Tom Laxton, British Champion in the 100m butterfly. “They are the complete package - fast and comfortable.”

The Edge fins are now available online at


About FINIS, Inc:

John Mix and Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Pablo Morales founded FINIS in 1993 with a mission to simplify swimming for athletes, coaches, beginners and lifelong swimmers around the world. Today, FINIS fulfills that mission through technical innovation, high quality products and a commitment to education. FINIS products are currently available in over 80 countries. With a focus on innovation and the fine details of swimming, FINIS will continue to develop products that help more people enjoy the water.