iMeasure Introduces First Do-It-Yourself Fitness Evaluation

iMeasure Introduces the First Comprehensive Do-It-Yourself Fitness Evaluation for Consumers. Backed by Leading Health and Fitness Experts, Consumers Can Learn Just How Fit They Are.

BELMONT, MA – Personal preventative health and wellness is gaining momentum as more people hit the gym, seek personal trainers and enroll in various wellness programs all in an effort to increase their fitness for better health today and tomorrow.

But what kind of actual results are you making to your overall health and fitness level? Until now there was no way to exactly measure the benefits of the work that was being done.

iMeasure™, a leading provider of scientifically valid products and services that allow individuals to easily measure and improve their health and well-being has launched a first-of-its-kind interactive assessment tool – iMeasure Fitness™.

There are very few tools, today, that scientifically measure health and fitness. The tools that exist today are either expensive – such as personal trainers - or limiting, such as pedometer and calipers, which only assess a single aspect of one's fitness. But that hasn't stopped American's from investing in these tools as more and more people are looking to get a handle on their overall fitness level.

With iMeasure, consumers collect a variety of data including known and behavioral information such as gender, height, age, weight, servings of fruits/day, minutes of activity/day, as well as calculated information like waist circumference, number of pushups and ability to touch ones toes. The entire test takes less than an hour. After logging into a secure and private website to enter their fitness information, the individual receives a 20-25 page Assessment Report. The report begins with a series of scores – six functional scores and an overall fitness score, the FitIndex™ – generated by a proprietary and patented algorithm and software.

The six scores, selected due to their significance to overall health and well-being are:
• Cardio
• Flexibility
• Strength
• Balance
• Body Composition
• Lifestyle

Included in the report users will also receive recommendations for guidance and resources to improve their health.

“We believe that knowledge is power,” said Patty Freedson, chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, iMeasure; professor and chair, Department of Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts at Amherst; and adjunct professor of medicine, Division of Preventive and Behavioral Medicine, UMass Medical Center, Worcester, Mass. “Using a proprietary algorithm and scientific research, including large population and normative datasets, iMeasure Fitness scores each area of an individual's fitness. We believe this will serve as a wake up call to the individual that it's time to take action.”

iMeasure has been created and has the backing of an impressive list of scientists, doctors and researchers, and is the first tool to accurately and scientifically measure all six fitness components.

“iMeasure Fitness is the missing link for quality fitness evaluation,” said Jennifer Guckel Porter, CEO of iMeasure. “Bringing health, fitness and wellness research together with a user's individual test data in an easy-to-understand format allows iMeasure to provide a best-in-class measurement and assessment solution that delivers actionable steps to improving the health of Americans one person at a time.”

About iMeasure
iMeasure, founded on a genuine desire to improve lives, develops products and services that empower individuals to change their fitness and health with scientific tools and continued learning. iMeasure strives to help consumers understand, measure and improve their fitness, health, and wellness. More information about iMeasure is available at or by calling 617-484-0876.



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