IFAW Selects True North To Help It Keep Whale Hunting Ban In Place

HINGHAM, MA. – The International Whaling Commission, which sets international whaling regulations, has scheduled closed door meetings for this month to consider lifting the ban on commercial whale hunting.
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True North Brand Group, Inc., has been retained to assist the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)on spreading the word on these meetings and the impact these meetings could have on the future of the worlds whales.

The commission, a global body of eighty-member nations, first adopted the whaling ban in 1982 to prevent dwindling whale populations from becoming extinct. Now, just as some studies indicate certain whale species may be showing initial signs of recovery, whaling countries are eager to force consideration to allowing commercial whaling practices to resume.

“Whales face more threats today than at any time in history and Americans from sea to shining sea want to see them protected. The last thing we need is a secret deal to re-open whaling,” said Patrick R. Ramage, Global Whale Program Director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) To learn more please visit www.stopwhaling.org