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Ideas for Low-Carbon Snow Sports from Sierra Magazine

Small changes in climate have a big impact on winter destinations. So, slide into winter with a low-carbon look at traveling on snow with Sierra magazine’s Annual Winter Sports issue.

(San Francisco, CA) Small changes in climate have a big impact on winter destinations. In the featured story of SIERRA magazine’s November/December issue “Winter Tracks,” Peter Frick-Wright attempts to enjoy a near-zero-emissions winter vacation by shunning cars and riding trains. In lieu of chairlifts, he uses a splitboard, a two-piece snowboard that allows riders to ascend backcountry slopes like cross-country skiers.

Continuing with the theme of alternative energy winter fun, the story “Second Wind” soars to the newest offshoot of skiing—snowkiting, the latest snow craze where “the learning curve is Himalayan.”

“Foot Fetish” is a guide to winter footwear for people who want to do more than keep their toes warm. Whether trudging through chest-deep powder, clawing up an ice sheet or carving down a couloir, this collection of specialty footwear should speed any journey across winter terrain.

In true Sierra Club fashion, “Promise on the Prairie” is a story about a prairie-restoration workday, part of the Sierra Club’s Building Bridges to the Outdoors program, which connects kids to nature. This particular program involves teen leaders from the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago on a frigid winter’s day at Theodore Stone Forest Preserve, where their mission is to cut and burn the invasive buckthorn, the bane of Illinois conservationists and a threat to Midwestern agriculture.

SIERRA takes us from the mountains to the northeastern Pacific Ocean to investigate what is killing the killer whales in a story called “Empty Sound” and how Sierra Club’s Water Sentinels are helping to clean up the waterways.

Finally, in “Solving the Climate Puzzle,” SIERRA’s senior editor, Paul Rauber explains the Big Picture Campaign, the Club’s effort to battle the causes of global warming one piece at a time. Plus, readers will find an excerpt by Ashley Judd from Coal Country: Rising Up Against Mountain-top Removal Mining, a Sierra Club book and an upcoming film to be released November 10.

Find these articles and more in SIERRA magazine, a bimonthly publication of the Sierra Club, the oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization in America with more than 700,000 members nationwide.


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