Ideal for the iPhone, Aquapac takes your Apple far from the tree

Aquapac, makers of 100% waterproof carrying cases, produces its newest pack with the world's most popular phone in mind.

OYSTER BAY, NEW YORK (For immediate release) – You stood in line for the iPhone. You bought the iPhone. You love your iPhone.

But should you take it skiing this winter? What about windsurfing this spring? Or how about out on a sailboat, ever?

Serving up 100% waterproof protection in any condition and any season, Aquapac's iPhone-ready case not only protects your investment against weather and ‘whoops' moments … it also allows you to use your iPhone the entire time.

A virtual second skin, Aquapac's premium polyurethane construction is sensitive enough to allow full use of the iPhone's dynamic fingertip touchscreen, as well as normal speak/hear clarity.

“An Aquapac and an iPhone go with me far offshore on a regular basis. The pair works fantastic together,” said Aquapac beta tester Bret Ellis Fereday, an avid kitesurfer and long-distance paddle surfer who carries his iPhone as a safety precaution.

Far more than a waterproof case that gets closed and stowed away, Aquapac provides waterproof security for a product to be used actively in the field.

Aquapac 100% waterproof cases are sealed with the legendary Aquaclipâ„¢, a shatter-resistant premium polycarbonate seal with a pair of easy-to-slide levers. The Aquaclip makes direct access to your iPhone as simple as the flip of a switch.

Guaranteed waterproof to 15 feet below the surface, Aquapac cases provide the additional benefit of floating to the surface when dropped. And adding yet another layer of confidence, Aquapac phone cases and the gear they protect are covered by a 3-year global warranty.

Aquapac makes three iPhone-ready cases, including the action-sport ready Small Armband Case with an elastic and Velcro strap ($35); the Mini Phone/GPS Case ($25); and the Small PDA Case ($25).

ABOUT AQUAPAC: Aquapac's diverse line of 100% waterproof and 100% use-through systems are the choice of outdoor professionals and passionate outdoor enthusiasts in over 50 countries. Malleable and transparent, Aquapac cases are a virtual second skin for personal electronics, photography equipment, maps, documents, and other essential items. Aquapac cases are sealed with the patented Aquaclip®, a sleek and complete sealing system that's guaranteed waterproof to 15 feet below the surface. Aquapac cases float when dropped, preventing the loss of valuable equipment and also eliminating the risk of unwanted disposal of metals and electronic equipment in pristine environments.

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