Hyperlite Mountain Gear Launches Major New Product--UltMid Inserts for 2- and 4-Person Mids


April 22, 2015—Hyperlite Mountain Gear recently launched the first of a few major new products it will be introducing in 2015—UltaMid Inserts. The 2- and 4-person UltaMid Inserts come with or without a 100% waterproof Cuben Fiber bathtub floor.

“This is a game-changing product for us, and one that satisfies the demands of our customers,” said President/CEO Mike St. Pierre. “We can’t comply with every customer request, but this one really made sense. It fills a missing link in our line of pyramid shelters—bug protection and extra defense against terrible weather. The inserts enhance our entire shelter line.”

Made of no-see-um mesh, the UltaMid Inserts with a Cuben fiber bathtub floor provide 100% bug protection, while the inserts with no floors offer excellent protection with a mesh skirt that tucks under a groundcloth inside the shelter. Floored options also offer full protection from ground water and rain. Designed to be only slightly smaller than the perimeter of the mid, the mesh netting never touches the wall, thus providing added protection from condensation.

“Our mids are an awesome tool to protect backcountry travelers from the stormiest winter conditions,” added St. Pierre. “And now, with the availability of inserts, they offer full summer protection, no matter the circumstances—mosquitos, black flies, downpours and raging thunderstorms.” As with all their products, Hyperlite Mountain Gear streamlined the design of the insert to be light yet fully functional. The inserts weigh from 16oz (UltaMid 2 Insert) to 27oz (UltaMid 4 Insert with floor).

“We’re sticking to our philosophy that you don’t need to carry heavy, bulky gear to be safe and comfortable on your backcountry adventures,” St. Pierre stated. “The inserts are as minimal as it gets, but they provide optimal utility.”

Hyperlite Mountain Gear designs, manufactures and supplies ultralight Cuben Fiber outdoor gear and lightweight equipment. Whether hiking, backpacking, climbing, pack-rafting, kayaking or cycling, our mission is to help you lighten your load and your lifestyle. Our durable, lightweight products enable you to increase your speed, distance, efficiency and overall enjoyment of the outdoors. We offer backpacks that are 1800 cubic inches (30L) to 4400 cubic inches (70L), solo and two-person component tent systems and a full line of accessories. All products are handcrafted in Maine, USA. Please visit our website.

Contact: Lizzy Scully
Marketing Manager

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