Hyperlite Mountain Gear Introduces New Line of Southwest Packs


Contact: Lizzy Scully
Marketing Manager



Biddeford (April 20, 2015)—Hyperlite Mountain Gear recently introduced Black Cuben Fiber to their popular thru-hiking and backpacking series of 2400 and 3400 Southwest backpacks.

“It’s a natural color extension to our existing line,” said Hyperlite Mountain Gear CFO, Dan St. Pierre. Since its launch in 2010, the company has regularly received customer requests for alternatives to their standard white packs.

“Initially, color was not an option due to technical limitations of dying Spectra or Dyneema fibers,” St. Pierre added. “However, further developments of hybrid Cuben materials have addressed that limitation.”

“We’re excited to be offering the black color option for our line of ultralight packs,” stated CEO and President, Mike St. Pierre. “As our company grows, we are gaining more inventory capacity and more of our ‘made-in-Maine’ production capacity to extend our offerings. And we’ve recently expanded our R&D department, so we expect to expand our product offering beyond simple color extensions very soon.”

“But,” added St. Pierre, “don’t expect annual color-of-the-year options any time soon. We’re all about keeping it simple, while offering optimal utility. You won’t see any frills on our packs. We ditch the useless extras because our primary goal is to help users go lighter, faster and farther on their weekend outings, long hikes, or big, multi-sport adventures. And we want them to have fun and feel that spirit of adventure; we’re not too concerned with how fashionable they look on the trail.”

Hyperlite Mountain Gear designs, manufactures and supplies ultralight Cuben Fiber outdoor gear and lightweight equipment. Whether hiking, backpacking, climbing, pack-rafting, kayaking or cycling, our mission is to help you lighten your load and your lifestyle. Our durable, lightweight products enable you to increase you speed, distance efficiency and overall enjoyment outdoors. We offer backpacks that are 1800 cubic inches (30L) to 4400 cubic inches (70L), solo and two-person component tent systems and a full line of accessories. All products are handcrafted in Maine, USA. Please visit our website for more information.