HumanX Re-Inventing the Role of Gloves in Modern Fitness New Technologies & Styles Revitalize Fitness Glove Category


(Fairfield, Calif.) Challenging the purist notion that gloves affect performance, HumanX by Harbinger - a specialized line of functional training gear for High-Intensity Training (HIT) – has leveraged new technology and design in their X3 Competition Gloves and Palm GRIPS. HumanX hand-wear supports hand position, strengthens grip and protects against injury – without adverse impact on performance.

 “Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often choose to ‘power through’ hand injuries like calluses and blisters,” says Chanin Cook, Director of Marketing at HumanX by Harbinger. “While these injuries aren’t ‘serious,’ they can halt training and impact competitive performance.”

 By integrating a variety of new technologies and support options, HumanX hand wear bridges the gap between peak performance and hand protection in order to maximize results. Notable product features include:

  • Exclusive SpiderGrip ™ specially-tanned leather for max grip
  • Engineered 3D design precurved palm and fingers for natural grip positioning
  • Breathable StretchBack ™ moves with hand
  • Reinforced load-bearing thumb design

 “Pull-ups, muscle-ups, chest-to-bars and other high repetition bar exercises involve movements that show little sympathy and can do a number on your hands,” says Scott Thom, NSCA certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and UC-Berkeley strength coach. “Hand protection, such as the HumanX Palm GRIPS (my favorite), helps to put the focus on the gripping in my workout, rather than the ripping of my hands. The simple design is pure function – Grip Flap up and around palm when needed; and folded down and out of the way when not. The Palm GRIPS enable me to keep my performance goals at the forefront of my mind.”

 With multiple styles available, HumanX handwear supports a variety of protection-level preferences and needs. Along with proper fit, high-quality material and thoughtful design, the X3 Competition Gloves (available in full finger and open finger styles) are specifically engineered for the most accurate feel, greater grip control and maximum dexterity. For workouts that require a higher level of support and stabilization, the X3 Competition WristWrap Gloves (available in full finger and open finger styles) integrate fully adjustable wrist support - providing full-on, tight stabilizing tension to more moderate or barely-there support.

 HumanX by Harbinger gear can be viewed and purchased at For additional company/product information, high-resolution photos & logos, and product sample requests, please contact Maria Hennessey at or 303.859.3317. 

About HumanX by Harbinger

HumanX by Harbinger is the newest line of high performance gear from Harbinger – the fitness company known as the “go to” brand for weightlifting and conditioning gear for over 25 years. HumanX products are specialized gear for today's evolved fitness market that has shifted from static strength training to multidiscipline programming. HumanX gear is found in gyms, health clubs, sporting goods and specialty fitness retailers worldwide. For more information, visit