Heroclip X Luci Lantern partner to make life a little easier (and brighter)

SEATTLE, Wash. – May 10, 2018 – HEROCLIP, the clip you can hook and hang anywhere, today announces its newest partnership with Luci by Mpowerd – coinciding with the launch of their most recent Indiegogo campaign. The campaign will run until May 25, 2018.

Heroclip and Luci Lantern have a few things in common: both products are weatherproof, durable, and adventure-obsessed. Luci is a solar inflatable light with a USB charge port that powers phones and electronics on-the-go. Together, Heroclip and Luci created a custom design, that reflects the ways both products seamlessly adapt to any environment or circumstance.

“At Heroclip, we’re focused on creating innovative solutions that empower everyday heroes to do what they already do, more easily – this same spirit powers the Luci Lantern,” said Heroclip CEO, Mina Yoo, PhD. “We know Heroclip lovers will also love Luci – it’s ingenious, creative and extremely helpful.”

The Heroclip X Luci Lantern perks include:

  • Heroclip X Luci Lantern – Custom design, campaign-exclusive Luci Lantern and 3 matching Heroclips to provide all the "extra hands" and light you need for any adventure.
  • Hero Bundle – 3 Mini, 3 Small, 3 Medium Heroclips, 2 pairs of Insect Shield-treated socks, 2 Insect Shield bandanas, and 2 Hero X Luci Lantern sets.

“Mpowerd believes that through clean, affordable light, Luci can help make the world a brighter place for all – even those without electricity,” said Yoo. “This is, of course, a cause we can really hang with.”

Heroclip has its roots in crowdfunding with two successful campaigns that have raised over $200K behind 4,000 backers. Heroclip has sold over 200,000 units to date and is expanding its permanent product line through this campaign to three sizes – Heroclip Mini, Small and Medium.

Visit the Heroclip www.indiegogo.com/at/heroclip2018 to support the Heroclip X Luci Lantern partnership. To learn more about Heroclip, visit www.myheroclip.com.



HEROCLIP, a Lulabop brand, is an active lifestyle company producing simple solutions for everyday challenges. Our user base is a community of everyday adventurers and active explorers of all kinds, with the common theme that they keep moving, sharing and overcoming obstacles through ingenuity.


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