Horizon's Top Rated Treadmill Keeps Getting Better

Award-winning 5.2T gets facelift; next geneartion 5.3T builds on reputation for quality, perfromance and value

COTTAGE GROVE, Wis. (November 14, 2006) – The popular and critically-acclaimed 5.2T Elite Series treadmill has undergone a redesign, further enhancing its reputation for quality, performance and value. The treadmill,which was rated a “Top Treadmill” by Runner's World magazine as well as a leading consumer products magazine, is one of Horizon Fitness' top selling Elite Series products.

“The treadmill has a great reputation for delivering a high level of performance at a great price,” said Bill Sotis, executive vice president of sales, service and development for Horizon Fitness. “When it came to redesigning the treadmill, our goal was to make a great product even better. The areas we focused on make the 5.3T even easier to use and more aesthetically pleasing than its predecessor.”

The newly updated 5.3T incorporates many of the same features of the 5.2T, including a powerful,2.75 hp continuous-duty motor with a digital drive system. The digital drive creates quiet, smooth performance and fluid transitions between speeds. Users can adjust treadmill speed anywhere between .5 and 12 mph with incline settings between zero and 12 percent.

The treadmill's frame is extremely sturdy with a weight capacity rating up to 400 lbs. It comes with a large, 20" x 60" running deck and a 4.4 mm orthopedic belt. To reduce shock on a user's joints and lower back, the treadmill incorporates a variable cushioning system.

For safe, convenient storage the treadmill features a unique lift system that uses two hydraulic shocks to gradually raise and lower the deck. The lift system makes it safe and easy for people of all ages and strengths to store the treadmill.

The 5.3T incorporates a number of new features designed to simplify treadmill operation and enhance the aesthetic value of the product. To start with, Horizon Fitness upgraded the console to include a tri-colored, 10x14 LED dot-matrix display(yellow, red and orange). The color variation and five display windows make information gathering fast and easy.

User operation has also been simplified with the addition of raised, soft-touch buttons that are easy to manipulate. In addition, a round, cell-phone like button allows users to scroll through features, which makes programming simple and intuitive. The button mimics the programming technology found in most of today's cell phones.

To increase user safety, Horizon Fitness has implemented “two-touch” quick keys. This requires users to confirm adjustments to important treadmill functions, such as speed and incline, prior to making a change. It is a commercial safety standard applied to all of Horizon Fitness' treadmills.

To keep users motivated and challenged, the 5.3T offers eight preset programs, including: Manual, Intervals, Mountain Climb, Weight Loss, Peak Intervals, Golf Course, Pacer, THR Zone and two custom programs.

Users can monitor heart rate activity through a contact monitor mounted to the handrails or a telemetric heart rate receiver.

The 5.3T comes with a lifetime warranty of the frame and a 30-year warranty on the motor. Horizon Fitness is also offering a free upgrade on its parts warranty, extending it from two years to five years. To be eligible, purchasers must register their treadmill online within 30 days of purchase.

For more information about the newly redesigned 5.3T, go to www.horizonfitnesselite.com or call 1-800-244-4192.

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