James Russell Gill III signs on as an athlete for Honey Stinger®

Honey Stinger adds James Russell Gill III to their roster of athletes
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Breckenridge, Colo.- January 8, 2018 

Honey Stinger Athlete

James Russel Gill III

James Russell Gill III, professional ultra-endurance runner, owner and CEO of Bad to the Bone Sports™ and race director for the Ultra Race of Champions, has signed on as an athlete with Honey Stinger®, maker of honey-based energy products.

James Russell Gill III has become a transcendent figure in the trail running world. Gill is the CEO and founder of Bad to the Bone Sports™, a race production company that organizes several World-renowned events such as the Charlottesville Marathon and the Ultra Race of Champions. Although he now lives in Breckenridge, CO and Charlottesville VA, he has competed and run all over the World. His favorite places are the high mountains, including the Rockies and the Alps. Every summer, he can often be found high in the Swiss Alps or on top of a Fourteener in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

“The Honey Stinger Hive program is designed to help support the athletic pursuits of our customers and supporters. Hive athletes are leaders in their sports, involved their community, and have nutritional views that align with our brand. We are excited to have Gill on board for 2018.” -Katie Black, Sponsorship Coordinator, Honey Stinger®

“I am ecstatic about signing on with Honey Stinger®”, says Gill. “Several years ago, after suffering from stomach issues in ultra-distance races, I switched to a low carb diet. Honey Stinger® utilizes honey, which has been shown to have lower glycemic properties. It provides sustained energy that allows blood sugar levels to remain constant throughout activity without a high insulin spike and crash. In addition, it tastes great which is really important for long-distance running events.”

On social media, James Russell Gill III can be found on Facebook (jamesrussell.gilliii) Instagram (jamesrussellgill_iii) and Twitter (@JamesGill_III). His races and more about Bad to the Bone Sports™ can be found at https://badtothebone.biz/.

About Bad to the Bone Sports™

By directing premiere road and trail events all over the United States, Bad to the Bone Sports™ strives to motivate runners of all backgrounds to challenge themselves. For over 15 years, Bad to the Bone Sports™ events have reflected owners James Russell Gill III and Dr. Francesca Conte decades-long knowledge and passion for running. https://badtothebone.biz/index.php


Dr. Francesca Conte, President, Bad to the Bone Sports