Heat Wave in Denver? Instant Heat Generates Pain Relief in Seconds

Sequoia Fitness Products USA today introduced Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs, providing therapeutic pain relieving heat in seconds and lasting for a lifetime.

Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs provide therapeutic pain relieving heat in seconds and are reusable for a lifetime. All Heat Wave products are portable, so they can be used at home or office, while driving or commuting, or while attending or playing sports.

4 products have been introduced:
3 x 5 inch Instant Reusable Hand Warmers
6 x 18 inch Instant Reusable Neck / shoulder / back heat wrap
5 x 9 inch Instant Reusable Medium Universal Heat Pack
8 x 12 inch Instant Reusable Large Universal Heat Pack

Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs are made in the USA with a non-toxic solution inside of a medical grade, extremely durable, vinyl pouch.

These heat packs are designed to fit, comfort, and heal every part of your body:
*Our hand warmers are great for cold days, but also great for carpal tunnel pain and arthritis.
*The medium and large rectangular packs can be used for: Ankle, calf, knee, thigh, and back pain; General muscle soreness; Menstrual cramps. Linear Indentations in the packs allows the units to adjust to your body part.
*The neck / shoulder / back wrap is excellent for neck and shoulder discomfort. The slits in the pack make it ideal for a conforming fit.

“We tested Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs and stopped counting at 500,” says Matt Chalek, spokesperson for Sequoia Fitness. “You never need to buy another heat pack. If you have been using disposable hand warmers or wraps, you only get one use. Then what? They get tossed in a landfill, with iron metal shavings making their way into the ground water. Then what? You need to continue to shell out more cash every time you need one. Not with Heat Wave. One purchase and you are set for life!"

How Heat Wave Works:
There is a small metal activator floating in the bag. If you pinch the disc till so it snaps, the trigger will start a unique, instant crystallization process that produces heat up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit within seconds. The packs will actually change from liquid to solid, conforming to your body, emitting heat through the physical change. These heat packs can produce therapeutic heat for up to two hours or more, depending on heat pack size and application. Heat times are extended by using any form of insulation. Once the heat pack is discharged, just simply recharge it by placing it in boiling water for several minutes and following the instructions printed on each pack.

Sequoia Fitness Products USA is a Colorado based company dedicated to developing and manufacturing body fat calipers and other fitness, bodybuilding, and pain relief products.

For more information, please contact Matt Chalek at 720-339-5962 or info@sequoiafitness.com