Heart Zones & Active Trainer Offer New Web-Based Coaching Program

Heart Zones USA, the company that popularized the use of heart rate monitors and other devices for personal training and coaching, announces the launch of its new web- and phone-based coaching programs, says Cindy Miller, President, Heart Zones Coaching.

Sacramento, Ca. - Nov 29, 2006 - Heart Zones USA, the company that popularized the use of heart rate monitors and other devices for personal training and coaching, announces the launch of its new web- and phone-based coaching programs, says Cindy Miller, President, Heart Zones Coaching.

For the past three years, Heart Zones USA has been the official coaching program of the Danskin Women's Triathlon, a service that's been available to 23,000 women across the US. These live individual and group coaching programs are so successful that the company has signed a marketing agreement with The Active Network (‘Active”), the leading online community for active lifestyles, to provide web- based coaching services through the Active Trainer portal, an online suite of training tools.

Heart Zones Coaching is a licensed business partner to Sacramento- headquartered Heart Zones USA, providing training plans and coaching services through its team of certified coaches in the sports of triathlon, running, and indoor and outdoor cycling. These services are scheduled to expand in 2007 to include weight loss, swimming, and pre-conditioning programs. The coaching services include the web delivery and logging features offered through Active Trainer, the application provider for these services.

“For those new to fitness training and for those who want to improve their performance results,” says Sally Edwards, founder of Heart Zones USA, “hiring a coach to design the training plan and provide motivation is often the key to success.” Edwards is a professional triathlete and author of more than 20 books on fitness, weight-loss, and training. “Now, with virtual and live coaching programs, it is surprisingly inexpensive to have your own coach who can personalize your workouts to fit you and your busy schedule,” says Edwards.

Cindy Miller, President of Heart Zones Coaching has coached and trained hundreds of athletes during her professional fitness career. Working with Heart Zones, she developed a coaching program for Danskin athletes, and presently she coaches not only Danskin athletes but those athletes who want to set personal records or become elite competitors. For more information or to discuss these services, contact Cindy Miller via email at cindy.miller@heartzones.com, call her at 818-243- 9586, or visit www.heartzones.com or www.activetrainer.com .

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About Heart Zones
Heart Zones USA is the authentic and original heart- rate training system. We create, develop, and apply the use of heart rate data and monitors for health, fitness, and enhanced performance. Heart Zones has spent the last 15 years creating systems and programs for individuals and organizations, and specialty applications for weight management, emotional fitness training, swim-bike-run training, schools, hospitals, and much, much more.
Website: http://heartzones.com/

About Active
As one of the Web's most popular resources for active consumers, Active.com offers a one-stop shop for maintaining healthy lifestyles or setting and achieving fitness goals. The site offers an online database of more than 100,000 events and activities in over 50 sports in 5,000 cities nationwide, from 5K runs and marathons to cycling races and triathlons. Finding events is easy and online registration makes participation fast and convenient.
Website: http://activetrainer.com


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