Harbinger Celebrates 25 Years of Leadership in Fitness Industry


(Fairfield, Calif. – April 9th, 2014) –Harbinger - the company known as the “go to” brand for high quality, innovative strength and conditioning gear - is celebrating its 25th year of category leadership by introducing new, performance-oriented products at the forefront of today’s top fitness trends.

Founded in 1988 by David McCrane, Harbinger’s roots stem from an idea born in the skateboard industry. After realizing the need for a wrist-stabilizing glove among skaters, McCrane created the patented WristWrap technology – which he recognized, after a chance encounter with an associate of 5-time Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney, had even greater performance potential in weight lifting gloves.

“Lee Haney was the inspiration behind the first line of weight training gear that we developed,” says McCrane, President of Harbinger. “We worked with Lee to broaden Harbinger’s brand awareness among competitive bodybuilders and position Harbinger as a force in the fitness market.” Today, Harbinger enjoys over 70% of market share in fitness products, offering products for weightlifting, strength training, balance, core and resistance exercise and it's latest category: functional training

Launched in Spring 2013, HumanX by Harbinger is the company’s line of specialized products for functional training. HumanX gear addresses the decade-long shift in the fitness market from static strength training to multidiscipline programming including CrossFit, boot camps, and other High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) regimens. Harbinger's HumanX product program is expanding this Spring with new items.

“Harbinger's core weightlifting products were being used in CrossFit workouts and HIIT programming, so it was a natural extension for us to develop HumanX and meet the demand for high quality, specialized functional training tools,” says McCrane. “Our original mindset of evolving with our consumers, helping them to reach their training and fitness goals, is still in place today and will be for the next 25+ years.”

About Harbinger

Founded in 1988, Harbinger produces innovative, high-performance fitness gear. Harbinger products, including Harbinger fitness, Action Wipes and the new HumanX line of functional training gear, can be found in gyms, health clubs, sporting goods and specialty fitness retailers worldwide. For more information, visit www.harbingerfitness.com




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