Handheld Calculator for Parents Helps Deter Childhood Obesity

The Tonus PE BMI & Growth Calculator helps parents track their child's growth rate by providing BMI, height, and weight percentiles, along with a weight status category. Keeping track helps parents watch for signs of childhood obesity.

Sequoia Fitness Products USA has recently launched its second health and fitness product, the Tonus PE BMI & Growth Calculator. This handheld is designed for parents to monitor their children's growth statistics and to help monitor against the onset of childhood obesity.

The unit automatically calculates children's Body Mass Index (BMI), BMI Percentile, Height and Weight Percentiles, and Weight Status Category (underweight, normal, risk of overweight, overweight). Typically this information is provided only once a year in an annual checkup, so now parents can get this info at the touch of a button.

BMI is a reliable indicator of body fatness for most children and teens. Percentiles are the most commonly used indicator to assess the size and growth patterns of individual children in the United States. The percentile indicates the relative position of the child's BMI number among children of the same sex and age.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends monitoring children's BMI percentile starting at age 2 in order to help parents monitor their child's physical status. Instructions and BMI information is included in the package.

In addition, pediatricians are encouraged to use the Tonus PE. The calculations are based on formulas from the CDC and will provide quicker and more accurate information than graphical charts, which for the most part are only estimating the results.

“The advantage of the Tonus PE BMI & Growth Calculator is that you can monitor a child's most important health metrics at the touch of a button. You don't have to wait for an annual pediatrician visit to wonder how your kids are growing,” states Matt Chalek, spokesperson for Sequoia Fitness Products USA.

One 4-position button controls all the functions and entries by loading base information to the LCD, so users can get results in seconds by pressing the up, down, and enter positions.

For more information, please visit www.sequoiafitness.com, email info@sequoiafitness.com, or call 720-339-5962.

Sequoia Fitness Products USA is a Colorado company interested in the development and acquisition of health and fitness products. The company is actively seeking distribution opportunities and independent selling organizations.


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