Guyot Designs to Launch Environmental Program – C-minus™

A revolution in Consumer Activism allows consumers to purchase products and choose the amount of carbon offset.

The greenest hydration bottle in the industry just got 100 pounds heavier. Launching at Summer OR and starting in September 2007, each purchase of the industry's first and only wide-mouth stainless steel bottles will include 100 pounds of verified green house emissions reductions. The program – called C-Minus (C-™) will also allow customers to purchase and add additional offsets to their bottle.

The 100 lb Bottle: A Great Environmental Sale for the Retailer:
From an ecological standpoint, stainless steel has several key advantages over polycarbonate. Stainless steel is fully reclaimable and recyclable, contains more than 50% post-consumer recycled material and is durable enough to last a lifetime.

“We really felt that our bottles - while creating a buzz for being the first wide-mouth alternative to polycarbonate bottles – had a much bigger story in them,” said Josh Guyot, CEO and Lead Designer of Guyot Designs ™. “Looking at the whole life-cycle of the product, our stainless steel bottle is the most eco-friendly hydration product on the market. We're hoping that the addition of the offset program will make the product stand out even more – driving both consumer demand and retail sales."

The one hundred pounds of offsets included with each bottle purchase have been totaled to offset more than the entire impact of manufacturing and shipping the bottle, going beyond carbon neutral to carbon negative, thus the program name C- â„¢.

Based on current sales trends for green and eco-friendly products, Guyot's new program, combined with the bottles' already strong green credentials is poised to increase demand and sales for stainless steel bottle product.

C-Minus Direct to Consumer Option:
The C-â„¢ program will also include a consumer direct option via the Guyot Designsâ„¢ website. On the site consumers can order a bottle and add tons of offsets to their purchase. The bottle will then be customized with bold engraving that reflects the number of tons offsets and a serial number that the customer can enter into our Web site to research the unique history of the offsets they've purchased.

"We're doing our part by offsetting the impact of manufacturing the bottles by retiring 100 lbs of green house gas emissions," said John Steed, the programs director. C- ™ also gives customers an easy way to increase and advertise their activism Just like a bumper sticker on a Nalgene™ bottle, a bold '25 TONS' engraved into our stainless bottles makes a statement of serious commitment.”

About the Offsets:
The C-â„¢ program was designed in conjunction with the Environmental Resources Trust ( a Washington, D.C. based 501c3 non-profit that provides rigorous evaluations of offset projects. Guyot will be purchasing and retiring offsets through ERT's greenhouse has registry and ERT will be verifying Guyot's accounting of offset purchases for the program.

About Guyot Designsâ„¢:
Guyot Designsâ„¢ is a holistic company incorporating ideas, lifestyle, culture and individuality based in Deer Isle, Maine. Our core belief is that it is possible and profitable to invent fantastic outdoor products while fostering a corporate culture that focuses on the aspirations of our partners. A company where ideas are treated with dignity and enthusiasm while people and the environment are treated with reverence. Guyot Designs is now established as an idea start-up company and resource for inventors to bring new product innovations to the consumer market. For more information about Guyot Designs, log on to


Media Contact: Patricia Lenz, VP Marketing and Sales,, 310-594-4459


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