Guy Not At OR's Trans-Desert Expedition to Seek Fabled Palace of Salt

A palace made from salt? What could be more wonderful! Of course, to get there, you have to cross a big, bad, desert...

Nevada City, CA- The Guy(s) Not at OR, Wicked Good Copy & Communications and Deviant 9 are teaming up for a challenging trans-desert crossing in a search for the elusive Palace of Salt.

This super-ultra-mega dangerous crossing will traverse the United States’ largest desert, cross one of the nation's most fabled – and foreboding – mountain ranges, power through “the Armpit of America”, all in a quest to reach a Utah palace that may – or may not – be constructed entirely of salt.

In an effort to avoid a fate similar to that of the infamous Donner Party, Team The Guy will make the crossing in a Subaru. Or maybe an F150 Quad Cab.

The TDESEPS (Trans-Desert Expedition to Seek the Elusive Palace of Salt) is backed by two key sponsors – Deviant9 Studios and Wicked Good Copy & Communications. And lest anyone think these sponsors will just sit back and blog about their involvement from their comfortable marketing department desks, know that they will have skin in the game – they will make the trek as well.

The Guy will transmit live (or not) updates during the expedition, but only as personal safety permits.

Here is breakdown of the harrowing quest:

  • Camp One – Flour Garden Bakery, Nevada City, CA, apx. 3000 foot elevation
  • Trans-Sierra Passage to Camp Two
  • Camp Two – Patagonia (Outlet), Reno, NV, apx. 4500 ft.
  • Desert Trek to Pequop summit, apx. 7000 ft.
  • Pequop Summit Passage to Camp Three
  • Camp Three (overnight) – West Slope, Wendover, NV, apx. 4500 ft
  • Desert Trek to elusive Palace of Salt

Dangers include freezing temperatures, severe lack of en-route water sources, lack of size selection at the Patagonia Outlet, and crappy iPod playlists.

The expedition is over 600 miles long, and will be completed in about 8-10 hours of in-transit time (depending on length of rest-stop nano-bivies).

Visit and The Guy Not At OR on Facebook and Tumblr for live-ish updates.

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