GU Unveils Tasty New Flavors

Holiday Recipes Benefit Challenged Athletes Foundation

Berkeley, CA – GU Energy Labs today announced the introduction of two new flavors to their range of products.

The holiday season will see the addition of a lip-smacking new addition to GU's traditional line-up, Vanilla Gingerbread. The company will once again produce its winter seasonal favorite, Mint Chocolate. Vanilla Gingerbread and Mint Chocolate are available in festive 6-packs, making them ideal stocking stuffers at $8.00 per 6-pack.

A portion of the proceeds from the two holiday flavors benefits the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), a donation program which GU instituted in 2007.

Virginia Tinley, the Executive Director of the CAF, said, “With sports wheelchairs running more than $2,000 and high-tech running prosthetics $10,000-$15,000 or more, physically challenged individuals often encounter economic barriers to participation in the sports and fitness activities that able-bodied individuals take for granted. CAF helps challenged athletes overcome the financial obstacles to participation in sports and live life to its fullest. GU's generous donations from its holiday flavors promotion will help us fulfill this need."

Roctane, GU's Ultra Endurance Gel engineered for intense training and racing, adds Pineapple to the mix. In contrast to current Roctane flavors, Pineapple contains no caffeine but maintains the same powerful levels of performance-boosting citrates, ornithine alpha-ketaglutarate (OKG) and branched chain amino acids. As Charlie Ehm, a six-time Ironman Canada finisher and two-time Hawaii Ironman qualifier says, “Roctane? That's the stuff where you go on a four-hour run, come home, and clean your house.”

Available to retailers in 6-packs and 24-packs, Pineapple Roctane will have the same MSRP as current Roctane flavors -- $2.50 per individual packet, $15 per 6-pack, and $60 per 24.

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